Friday, 31 May 2013

16 Week Update

How far along? 16 Weeks

Total weight gain:  I had my midwife appointment this week and thought she would weigh me.. but she didn't haha!  So it remains a mystery! Maybe I will buy some scales.. 

Maternity clothes?  I haven't bought any other items as my Topshop maternity jeans have been fabulous!!!!!  I also spent last weekend in a couple of non-maternity maxi dresses which were sooooo comfy and I will def be popping into Primark for more!

Stretch marks?  None yet.. *touches wood frantically* 

Sleep:  I'm still feeling pretty tired but I think its because we have so much going on!!  Once we have settled in a new house we will be so much more relaxed and I think I will be feeling more energised!

Best moment this week:  Totally not baby related but I went to see The Great Gatsby and I thought it was totally brilliant!!  (So in love with Leo!!)  BUT by far the best moment of the week was hearing Baby H's heartbeat for the first time!  It was so amazing!  The midwife found it really really quickly and it was so clear and loud she was well impressed! I'm definately borrowing my sisters doppler so I can have a listen now and again

Worst moment this week:  House buying stress!! Probably one of the worst weeks I have ever had!!!!

Miss anything?  Not much this week actually!  

Movement: None that I can feel, although I hear I will start to feel little things very soon.. eek!

Food cravings:  Terry's Chocolate Orange mmm!! Really craved coke this week or anything fizzy which is really unlike me as well

Anything making you queasy or sick:  The smell of coffee as usual!

Gender: Not known..yet

Labor signs: None

Symptoms:  The headaches have been pretty bad this week, but I think that could stress related!  The tailbone pain has stayed away *woop*  Generally feeling better every week!

Belly button in or out?  In

Happy or moody most of the time?  Happy

Looking forward to:  Literally so excited to find out the sex of our little bubbaroni!!!  I want to buy a million things and I feel like I can't just yet!! 



Thursday, 30 May 2013

Orgnanising My New Life

Since the day we found out we were having the little bean life suddenly became SUPER hectic as there was just so much to do.  We have double the stress as we have to buy a house quicker than we expected and before bump turns into baby!  There are scan dates to remember, midwife appointments, moving dates, bill dates not mention birthdays and outings.  So with all these new things going on and dates to remember I decided to get a brand new diary to organise my new life

I chose a Pony Brown diary which is a cute little kawaii style organiser, which is undated so you can start it whenever - perfect for me as its already half way through the year!

The diary is from Hong Kong and I purchased it on Ebay here but it came within 5 days!  It arrived with a little pack of stickers as well which I LOVE and have used most of already!
It also has a notes section for random scribblings - handy for me as I have a memory like a sieve and if its not written down it doesn't get done!

I am so pleased with my new diary, its not chunky or heavy and it fits in my bag so easily! It also has a waterproof cover which is fab for my messy handbag!!

Did you feel like your life seemed ULTRA busy when you were pregnant??


Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Baby Buys: Quinny Buzz

We have had to be really organised when it comes to buying bits for the baby due to us also buying our first house!  We have to furnish the whole thing and provide everything a newborn requires within the next 5-6 months so first on our list was to purchase the mightily expensive pram

We knew we wanted to go for a travel system as we had heard such good things,they are modern and seem to be good value for money for what you get.
At first I had my eye on the Mothercare Orb as a couple of friends have them and the are fab but then Laura recommended the Quinny Buzz and I instantly fell in love!

The first thing I noticed about it is that its so easy to manoeuvre.  Its really light and the handle is adjustable according to your height (good for me and Mr H as we are like teeny tiny borrowers) and goes round corners so smoothly

The second things was how compact the whole thing is.  It doesn't feel bulky in the slightest like a lot of prams and folds down so small  - you also have the option to easily remove the wheels to make it even smaller which I loved

The best thing about the Quinny Buzz is how it erects itself!  It has a gas spring which automatically unfolds itself in a nano second at the touch of a button, I can see this being SO handy when little H arrives and I have my hands completely full!

You can buy the Quinny Buzz here at Toys R Us for £324.99 but I would recommend going into store as they will knock off more money depending on the offers that day and they will also price match if you have found it cheaper elsewhere.   Its compatible with the Maxi Cosi Pebble and Cabriofix car seats and you can also get the Quinny carrycot as an added extra if you need it

Now you can get away with just purchase the basic frame and stroller set as the stroller seat is reclinable and with an insert is suitable from birth, however the carrycot that comes with the pram is really nice and we felt that it was necessary for us to have it as well as it looks really cosy and warm for baby

The carry cot is foldable as well which is fab for storing it or putting it in the car! You can get the carry cot here again from Toys R Us for £164.99

Have you bought your pram?  What did you go for??


Thursday, 23 May 2013

15 Week Update

How far along? 15 weeks and 1 day

Total weight gain:  I don't feel like my bump has grown that much this week so maybe not too much! (I really ought to buy some scales!)

Maternity clothes?  My super duper Topshop Jamie Jeans!  LOVE them.  Take a look at my review here if you're interested.  Still really need some work trousers and thinking possibly go for another pair of Topshop Maternity jeans but in plain black?  Could defo get away with those at work me thinks..

Stretch marks?  None.. I am a third of a way through a tub of Mama Mio Belly Butter - I feel I will need to stock up!!

Sleep: Can't get enough of it.  Some days i'm full of energy and others i'm falling asleep at my desk!  Stress of house buying doesn't help!

Best moment this week:  Mr H had a birthday so that was nice!! We had a lovely meal for 2 and I made him a mini card from Bump! Also we bought our pram and car seat eek! I found this extremely exciting (once we figured out how it actually went up and down!)

Worst moment this week:  Work.

Miss anything?  Dippy eggs so badly! I really want one!!!!!!

Movement: None that i can feel yet! I think baby has moved this week though as I am feeling less pain in my tailbone and it feels like there's a lot of pressure on my bladder - cue a million toilet breaks

Food cravings:  Jacket potato with butter and strong cheddar cheese.. And Terry's chocolate orange!

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Just smells really!!  Like the smell of peoples lunches at work and coffee!

Gender: Not known

Labor signs: None

Symptoms:  The tail bone pain at the start of the week was horrendous.  Doctors seem to be no help and completely uninterested!  Apparently its a normal pregnancy complaint   If that is the case then that's absolutely fine but it would have been nice if they were a little more sympathetic and gave me some advice on how to help it!  It got so painful I could cry!!!! :(   Spoke to my midwife though who was lovely and advised to see a specialised Osteopath which I'm going to do.  However the pain has significantly decreased over the last 2 days and I'm hoping that's the end of it for a while?!

Belly button in or out?  In

Happy or moody most of the time?  Happy!

Looking forward to:  Finding out if Baby H is a boy or a girl!  I have seen loads of clothes and all sorts already for both sexes and reallyyyy cannot wait to find out so I can splurge on a few things!!



Pregnancy Favourites

1. Pregnacare Original Vitamins - I've always been a bit of a vitamin lover.  I have suffered with low iron levels in the past so I got used to taking a supplement every day and that led to me taking a multivitamin and omega 3 as well.  Once pregnant that had to stop!  You aren't supposed to take any vitamins other than folic acid, specially formulated pregnancy vitamins or anything prescribed by your GP or midwife.  I decided to go for the Pregnacare Original Supplements which so far have been doing the job.  They contain a formulation of 19 vitamins and minerals including vitamin B12 and folic acid which will help you and your baby get through these difficult 9 months!  Since taking them my skin has cleared up a little and I have some more energy - this may be a coincidence but I don't care I feel like the little tablet I take every day is doing some good to me a Baby H

2. Ovaltine - This was the main saviour for me when it came to morning sickness.  I started drinking this warm milky drink before bed and not only did it help me fall asleep but it really seemed to ease my nausea right off in the morning.  Its packed full of calcium and folic acid and tastes like hot chocolate, so there is no excuse not to try it!

3. 4 Head - As you know I have been suffering from horrendous headaches.  This 4Head stick does not perform miracles but it does soothe my sore head for at least an hour, and its safe to continuously use during pregnancy.  It now has pride of place in my handbag and I wouldn't leave the house without it

4. Clarins Liquid Bronze - All the nausea and exhaustion has left me looking pale and drained so a little face tanner goes a long way to help you at least fake that "glow"!  Clarins Liquid Bronze is the only facial tanner I would ever use on such a delicate area as its designed only for the face and decolletage.  Its moisturising, not thick and smells fresh (not like a biscuit!)  I apply a small blob using a cotton pad most nights before bed and wake up with a lovely touch of colour

5. Topshop Maternity Jamie Jeans - See my review here.  Wardrobe staple right now!!

6. Nutri Grain - I have always eaten breakfast, in fact its sometimes my favourite meal of the day!  However in the early weeks of pragnancy I have found it very hard to stomach much in the mornings, especially in the week when I am up and about early for work and the smell of coffee hits me when i walk into the office *VOM*.  I have found that snacking from around 9 till 11 is the best way for me to combat the sickness without skipping my beloved brekkie and Nutri Grain bars have been one of my faves to start the day

7. What to Expect When You're Expecting - this book is amazing!  Its jam packed full of information from pre pregnancy right through to those first 10 days or so post partum.  I constantly refer to this book when I have concerns or questions!

8. Cashew Nuts - This is another snack I have found really helped kick my morning sickness in the face!!  I really love nuts anyway but cashews have been a bit of a cravingg and I eat a handful every morning or afternoon to keep me going at work

9. Mama Mio Belly Butter - I included this in my wishlist and I will be doing a full review as I think its brilliant!  Mama Mio's Belly Butter smells divine, is thick and moisturising and will hopefully stop those stretch marks ruining my life!!

What are your pregnancy favourites??

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Maternity Clothing: My 1st Shopping Experience

Mr H and I took a trip to Westfield, Shepherds Bush, mainly so he could pick a birthday present but also because I desperately needed some maternity jeans and trousers as my normal bottoms are getting so uncomfortable to wear!!
Photo Source: Google
So how did I get on..?!  AWFUL.  I was left raging after going into at least 5 or 6 high street shops to be told they don't stock a maternity section and it is only available online.  Now I don't know about anyone else but I don't want to buy online! I want to go into the store and try a variety of different styles and sizes to see what suits me and fits me best.  I don't want to order hundreds of pounds worth of clothing AND delivery charges for me to send 2 thirds of it back.  However I think this is all I can do to be honest as in store there is nada. nothing. nout.
I did however buy these fabulous skinny jeans from Topshop (the only thing I came away with!!)
Has anyone else had the same problem when trying to shop for maternity clothing??

Monday, 20 May 2013

Maternity Clothing: Topshop Jamie Jeans

My normal non-maternal super skinny jeans are on their last legs.. I can just about do the zipper up without it busting open during the day but they are only going to last me a week or so longer.  I took a (disastrous) trip to Westfield this weekend and bought my first piece of maternity clothing - and I am over the moon with them!

If you love your skinny jeans like I do but want to be really comfortable whilst pregnant then you need a pair of Topshop's Jamie Jeans.  They are slightly highwaisted which keeps in those extra lumps and bumps appearing throughout preganncy and they have a really strecthy jersey waistband which will last you the whole hog, keep you feeling snug, whilst not comprimising on style.  They are ankle grazer style which I love being a midget as they look great with converse(my go to shoe) as well as pumps and sandals.  They aren't a heavy thick denim either and feel more of a jegging material that will give a little with any extra pounds you gain.
I went for the Black Acid Wash shade for my first pair as they aren't quite boring black but have a bit of dimension and colour to them.  They also come in Mid Stone Blue and White and to be honest I may get all 3 colours and not have to get any other bottoms for the rest of my pregnancy/postpartum
You can find these in store or online for £40 which I think is extortianate for Maternity jeans but I can't complain as they do look really great on!
I didn't think much of anything else in store that Topshop had to offer which was really dissapointing, but I have seen a few piece online that are taking my fancy
Have you tried any of the Topshop Maternity range??


Friday, 17 May 2013

14 Week Update

How far along? 14 weeks 

Total weight gain: Still no idea but over this week I have suddenly sprouted a proper belly! I've had some comments on my rounded tum so it may be quite a bit?!

Maternity clothes?  None yet.. taking a trip to Topshop soon to splurge on their skinny maternity jeans and I REALLY need some work clothing that is comfortable and fits - can anyone recommend any good maternity work trousers?

Stretch marks?  None.. slathering on Mama Mio Belly Butter day and night

Sleep:  Starting to feel a lot more normal and getting my energy back!  I tend to be the most tired on Sundays after a long working week and usually a busy Friday and Saturday

Best moment this week:  Getting so many lovely comments after announcing we are expecting!!

Worst moment this week:  The headache keeps returning and won't budge!  A little swipe of 4Head seems to help for half hour or so but its quite a stubborn aggressive headache that doesn't seem to be shifting any time soon

Miss anything?  Dippy eggs still and I had a sushi craving this week too :(

Movement:  None

Food cravings:  Avocado on toast was a big craving this week!  Oh and those old school Wham bars!!

Anything making you queasy or sick:  The smell of coffee is still a little puke-provoking but seems to be easing off a little

Gender:  Not known

Labor signs:  None

Symptoms:  The tail bone pain is worse than ever and I'm starting to worry it may not be just hormones or the way my uterus is positioned . I've had a few comments from other mums about SPD so getting it checked out further just in case as its SO uncomfortable.  The headache is another symptom of course 

Belly button in or out?  Inny

Happy or moody most of the time?  Pretty happy this week.. I will be even happier when I feel more comfortable in my clothes!

Looking forward to:  Really looking forward to buying baby bits! We haven't bought anything at all yet and now its more real I cannot wait to start collecting things!



Pinterest Nursery Inspiration

If you read my beauty blog Lippy Lucie then you will know I LOVE Pinterest!  Its my second fave thing to do after buying cosmetics!!  Since finding out we are expecting I have pinned a million ideas for a nursery and below are some of my faves

I absolutely love the colour theme here and I think it could work really well for a boy too, with the pink just swapped to a pale blue.  The curtains are my fave part, so elegant and princessy!
I love all these little accents, especially the pink Eiffel Tower!!  I have seen a similar bookshelf to the top photo in Ikea and will definitely style it like this beautiful one

This idea is genious!!  So cost effective and super cute.  I will 100% be doing this little DIY project in my nursery

There is something about mint green and purple that I am really enjoying and they work so well in this nursery!  Could also be for girls and boys!  I also think the chair look really comfy!

I think this is a really good idea if you only have a small section of a room for baby but could work in a big room as well.  The stripes aren't too overpowering because they are only in one small area.  Again the colours will work for both sexes too

Probably the coolest mobile ever???!  There is also instructions on how to make your own which I definitely want to attempt!!!  its really grown up and pretty and the glass will catch the light and be really appealing for baby to look at

If you have Pinterest and want to follow any of my boards you can find me under Lippy Lucie

Leave me your links below so I can browse your boards too!


Tuesday, 14 May 2013


1.  My friend has this Joules Sleeping Bag for her gorgeous new baby and I LOVE it! I think the colours and pattern just about work for both genders so its something I am definitely keeping on my wishlist! It's also on sale at the moment for £19 and the quality is stunning!

2.  I really want to collect loads of my own childhood favourite books to start reading to our little one!  I know he/she won't be able to read I immediately but I still think it will be nice to have the books ready for when they can appreciate the stories! Some of my faves are The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Tiger That Came For Tea, We're Going On A Bear Hunt, The Enchanted Wood, The Wishing Chair and Milly Molly Mandy!

3.  We're going to go pram testing soon but I already have my eye on the Mothercare Orb Travel System.  My friend has this and I love how it looks and how easy it is to assemble and fold away again.  It's really good value for money, not the cheapest but not the most expensive, great quality and really compact.  I can't wait to go and try some out though to see if there is another I like that is just as good or better than the Orb

4.  How CUTE are these teeny tiny studded baby shoes!! Now I know bubba wont be wearing shoes for a while but it won't be long before they will and these must be the shoes to grace my child's feet! Soooo trendy and mummy has a pair very similar :-) These are from Zara Baby for £17.99 and I reckon boys and girls could get away with wearing them!

5.  I love Hello Kitty but I would never decorate an entire nursery in the stuff, god no! However I feel every baby needs at least one Hello Kitty item in their lives and this is that item! This bouncer is so so adorable and in a really nice colour, I especially like the little dangling kitty's to keep baby amused

6.  Ok so I may have already bought Mama Mio's Belly Butter but I thought I would keep it on my wishlist anyway just to tell you guys a little bit about it. I'm terrified of getting stretch marks and I'm pretty sure I'm going to get them but I am going to do everything I can to try and help my skin repel them as best it can!! This belly butter smells incredible, really fruity and lemony and it feels soooo smooth and hydrating on your skin.  I have already started using it as my tummy is starting to expand and I want to give it the best chance it's got!  I will do a whole post dedicated to a review of this belly butter very soon 

What is on your baby/pregnancy wishlist??

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Dating Scan

Seeing our little bean on screen was incredible!!!! There is no feeling like it and I could not stop smiling!!!!
Beforehand I was so so so sooooo nervous I thought I was going to pass out! For some reason all that goes through your head is that they will start the scan and find nothing inside you!!!! 

I was one of few who's date didn't change at all and we are officially due 16th November 2013 still :-) 
Little Baby Houchin is alive and well and was very very active on a screen! We saw it waving its arms and legs around and saw its tiny heart beating.. Amazing!
When the sonographer went to take the scan photos the naughty little thing completely turned away from us so maybe it takes after his daddy as be hates having his photo taken!!

I would love to see your first scan pictures!!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

13 Week Update

How far along? 13 weeks today!

Total weight gain: Haven't got he foggiest until my next midwife appointment in a couple of weeks!

Maternity clothes?  None yet.. clothes are feeling very snug though and I have been secretly unbuttoning my jeans and trousers whenever I'm sat down!

Stretch marks?  None *touches wood*

Sleep:  Can't get enough of it!  Feeling completely and utterly exhausted

Best moment this week:  Reaching the 12 week "safe" mark!!!!  It feels like it took forever and ever to arrive! AND our scan!!!!

Worst moment this week:  Having a horrendous headache for 3 days straight!

Miss anything?  I am missing dippy eggs so so much! I adore them!!! Can't wait to eat them again waaaah!

Movement:  None

Food cravings:  No real strong cravings apart from a mad cheese fest last weekend where I ate half a block of stilton! Oops! Oh and I seem to keep wanting Wagamama's Pork Ramen aaaall the time!

Anything making you queasy or sick:  The smell of coffee isn't going down too well for me, which sucks when you work in an office full of it!!

Gender:  Not known

Labor signs:  None

Symptoms:  I had a couple of days off work this week due to the most horrific headache! I couldn't shift it at all and it made me feel incredibly dizzy and sick! Eventually it went away on its own and I hope it never comes back! I read in a pregnancy book that headaches are extremely common and is all down to those pesky hormones. 
If I'm honest I have been feeling pretty rubbish since I was around 9 weeks.  I have been mega hormonal, exhausted and suffering from terrible skin!  I am looking forward to this "glow" everyone speaks of to creep up on me!!  I have also had horrible sharp pains in my tailbone every evening/night for the last 2 weeks.  I asked my midwife who told me this is really common and is just where your uterus is sitting in your body and will most like continue and get worse throughout :-( !  She recommended taking breaks from sitting at my desk and to try using an exercise ball when at home. Has anyone else had these pains this early on?

Belly button in or out?  Very much in!

Happy or moody most of the time?  Happy when I am not feeling sick and exhausted and when having a good skin day!!

Looking forward to:  My next scan on 26th June when we will find out if its a girl or a boy!!



Tuesday, 7 May 2013

That Positive Line

Finding out we were having a baby was a SHOCK! It wasn't planned and I literally had no idea until I started to feel a bit poorly and took a trip to the GP. There's me sat waiting to hear the usual "you have a virus.. its going around.. nothing we can do" when I am told there is actually a little life growing inside of me! I nearly fainted
The first thing that went through our heads was how on earth are we going to afford having a baby!! But after much sitting down and being realistic about our earnings and things we spend money on that we don't need we realised that we could actually support a baby and ourselves as good as anybody else can. We also had to think about how our lives would change having the responsibility of a little one but both decided that it would change for the better and we're ready for it!
Now almost 13 weeks on we are super excited and cannot wait to meet the little lady or man we are to be the proud parents of!!

We don't know whether our baby will be pink or blue yet of course, but we will be finding out for sure! I hope you enjoy following our progress and I would love to follow yours too if you are also expecting!!

What did you feel like when you found out you were pregnant?
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