Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Pregnancy Survival: HELP!

When I first fell pregnant I didn't have a clue what my body was about to go through and what I should/shouldn't do, eat, buy or anything!  I am so lucky and have a big sister who knows everything about babies and gives me lots of advice however I have been speaking to other preggo ladies recently who don't have that support system around them.  This post is to help those in need of some advice on their pregnancy or how to care for a baby and these are all the avenues I explored to gain all my information!

Resources for baby information
Your Midwife - This will most likely be the first contact you have when you find out you are pregnant.  You'll have a booking appointment where you will be weighed and measured, you will discuss health and medical history and fill out a billion forms!  At this point your midwife should ask you if you want to discuss any aspects of the pregnancy that you aren't sure about.. This is when I turned around and said "UMMM EVERYTHING!!".  My midwife was great and told me the basics of what I should and shouldn't eat and activities that I can still continue in.  She also outlined roughly when I should make appointments to see midwifes or GPs for the whole pregnancy which was amazing

Bounty Packs - You should received a Bounty Pack at your booking appointment.  It is jam packed full of information, samples and coupons and I loved mine!  It comes with a really factual book which has a week by week page explaining what's going on with you and your baby and has loads of useful advice.  You are also entitled to receive 3 more packs during pregnancy and after the birth

Bounty Website - It was in my Bounty Pack that I discovered the Bounty Website!  I now have this saved as a fave on my Ipad and look at it on a daily basis.  It is fantastic for information but also has some great deals on baby related products and even holidays!  I have used it a good handful of times for purchases for Baby H!  I also have the Bounty App on my Iphone and spend every Saturday morning reading my weekly update :)

NHS Website - I constantly use the NHS website when I am out and about and I'm not quite sure if I should be eating something.  It came in particularly handy at a recent trip to CafĂ© Rouge where I really fancied Muscles and Camembert and wasn't sure if I could eat either.. it turns out as long as both are piping hot and well cooked then you can indulge in them as much as you like!  Its also really good for checking what medicines are ok to take

What to Expect Books - There are tons of baby books out there but I don't think you can get better than the What to Expect series.  I mentioned both books that I have here and here  and I cannot recommend them enough!  They really are the bible when it comes to pregnancy and babies

Connecting with other mums
Bounty Website Community - I joined the Bounty website forum pretty early on in my pregnancy and I am so glad I did.  It is full of mums in all sorts of situations, some with so many years of experience and knowledge and some just like me who are first time mummy's!  It is catergorised so well and its great to join a group according to your due date (my group is Due in November, come and say hi if you are on there!!)  or you can join a group/discussion according to your problem or situation.  I have found it one of THE best ways to connect with other mums and to get a little guidance in what I should be doing in the pregnancy. I have also had advice on bleeding, baby names and what to buy all of which were really helpful
Twitter - Following baby care brands and support networks on Twitter is another great way to connect with other parents.  Its also a good way to get your blog noticed if you have one of those, and you can enter loads of competitions via Tweeting too!  (Follow me on twitter if you like Lucie_xoxo)

Bloglovin - I have found some of my favourite Pregnancy/Parenting blogs via Bloglovin and  I have made some great friends already through it!

Instagram - Its amazing what a little hashtagging can do!  I post a lot of my blog updates on here so that my friends and family can read them but I get people from all over the place "liking" my pictures and reading my blog through it as I will always hashtag them! I now follow a whole bunch of other #preggo ladies or parents of little ones and its a great way to keep up to date with their progress as well as your own

I hope this helps and first time mums who don't really know where to start when it comes to being pregnant or having a baby!
Do you have any useful tips for first time mums??


Friday, 26 July 2013

24 Week Update

How far along?  24 weeks

Total weight gain:  Bump has grown again this week and as I said last week I feel like my bum and legs are growing to accommodate the weight of the tummy I guess!

Maternity clothes?  Nothing new at all this week.. still trying to get the most wear out of my stretchy dresses whilst this heatwave is still here!

Stretch marks?  None still but I know 24 weeks and up is quite a crucial stretch mark period so I am expecting to start seeing some soon if I am going to get them.  I mentioned in my last update that my belly button was really hurting and felt like it was going to stretch and pop out but the pain disappeared this week and my belly button has remained sort of in and sort of flat - so who know what its going to do!

Sleep:  I slept really well this week but I can feel the extreme tiredness I felt in the first trimester starting to creep back in which SUCKS. I am so not ready for it to come back there is so much I need to do!!  Hopefully its just because of the heat and busy days at work and my energy levels will be back to normal soon

Best moment this week:  Mr H felt the BIGGEST kick from Harry one night this week in bed!  He rarely feels him kick as he tends to stop as soon as he puts his hand there so that was a lovely moment.  OH and of course the Royal Baby's arrival was a big highlight!

Worst moment this week:  I had another little bleed which sucked! However this time it wasn't as much as was in my urine.  I took a trip up to the maternity ward and after a few hours wait I was told I had a nasty bladder infection!  Anyone who has had one of these before knows the agony you experience and how uncomfortable it is, well in pregnancy it feels 10 x worse!  I have been prescribed antibiotics so hopefully they will clear it up nice and quickly

Miss anything?  Again this week I am missing my old figure!  I miss some of my "skinny" clothes as much as i love my bump!

Movement: He moves like crazy constantly now!  When I was at the hospital and the midwife was listening in with the doppler he was kicking it loads!  So cute

Food cravings:  Cold Coke but I am now not allowed to drink it due to the bladder infection which SUCKS!  I guess it is good for me not to be drinking it but I can't help what I crave!!

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nothing this week

Gender: Boy!!

Labor signs: None

Symptoms:  Much the same as last week, pretty bad back ache and not being able to get comfortable.  I am sure I have started to walk funny too!?  

Belly button in or out?  As above, slightly in and slightly flat!

Happy or moody most of the time?  Really happy now we know what the bleeding was about and my little boy is safe and well

Looking forward to:  AGAIN.. moving house!



Thursday, 25 July 2013

A Royal Baby: Kate Middleton's Maternity Wardrobe

I don’t know if it was the pregnancy hormones but I almost burst into tears of joy when I saw this image on my TV screen!  To be honest I seem to cry at the slightest bit of news of a baby being born and don’t even get me started on when I watch One Born Every Minute

I for one was adamant that Kate would have a boy.. it is the year of the boy after all!!!  I am not a massive fan of the name George but it is rather regal I guess.. I really wanted them to call him James!!

So as the Royal Baby has finally arrived I thought it only polite to dedicate a post to the Duchess herself as she looked bloomin’ marvellous throughout her entire pregnancy - including the day after she had given birth (I MUST have that blue polka dot dress!!)

Here is Kate pictured at Windsor Castle sporting a teeny but noticeable bump and wearing a gorgeous Mulberry tweed coat.  This is a prime example of not having to buy all maternity clothing when you're pregnant and that normal clothes can work perfectly well.  I love her nude accessories  they really make the pastel colouring of the coat stand out and the shoes make her stick thin legs even longer

The Princess wore this Sophia dress by Erdem when her bump was getting a little bigger, which is another non-maternity style.  The print is stunning and you can find some really similar dresses from Isabella Oliver for a lot cheaper than this one

Kate wore this stunning egg shell blue dress to The National Portrait Gallery.  The dress is a piece by Emilia Wickstead and is actually a maternity version.  I think this pale blue shade and the shape and cut of the dress flatters all pregnant ladies

How cute is that bump??!  At 7 months pregnant here the Princess looks incredible!  This white polka dot Topshop dress has been said to have sold out in minutes after Kate was pictured in it, and it is no surprise as to why!  It looks great with the blazer and is a look so easy to recreate

Looking stunning again in a light peach ensemble and those lush nude shoes.  Kate went for a dress designed by one of the Royal dress makers and a cotton twill coat by Tara Jarmon.  I think pastels really suit her and give her a real pregnancy glow!

Congratulations to Wills and Kate!!!


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

What to Expect When You're Expecting.. My Version

We all know about the now infamous book series "What to Expect When You're Expecting" and its great!!  Its realistic, factual and fun to read however I still don't feel that it really prepares you for what to actually expect!

So here is a summary of what I expected my pregnancy to be like, or what its like in the movies anyway!

The Glow - That radiant, "I am going to be a mummy and I am fabulous", appearance that is meant to be there from day 1 of pregnancy actually turned out to be more of a fade!  My skin was drier than ever, I was riddled with spots (and still am!), my freckles appeared where no freckles ever were and it was hard to see any face under the dark circles around my eyes

Cute Bump - You always see a perfectly round, tanned and blemish free bump in films and on supermodels so I couldn't wait to get mine!  Instead I have a pretty funny shaped, hairy tummy that I am scared to show anyone in case they think I have turned part gorilla!

Yoga - I expected to be on my yoga mat at least a few times a week, doing elegant pregnancy stretches and movements, preparing my body for labour.  There was no chance of my doing anything physical in the first trimester due to extreme exhaustion and now my bumps over halfway I wouldn't be caught dead on a yoga mat as my back would most likely give way

Healthy Eating - I imagined nutritious fruit and veg filled meals, smoothies and healthy snacks.  Instead, fruit and veg actually made me feel SO nauseous until halfway through the pregnancy and my cravings turned out to be mostly carb related, fizzy drinks or chocolate!

Coffee Chats - You always see pregnant mummy's discussing their cool new baby purchases and perfect bumps over coffee in Starbucks or in a chic cafe!  The smell of coffee made me gag if it was anywhere near me.. no chance of me being cool and sophisticated as I couldn't get within a few metres of a coffee shop

Luscious Hair - I have always been pretty proud of my hair, its thick and wavy and pretty does what I want most of the time so when I heard that pregnancy can make your hair look shiny and amazing I was excited!  As soon as I got pregnant my hair went SO dry, my colour faded immediately and the fall out was extreme - not to mention the grey hairs!  Yes, my hair grows like crazy but it really is not as bouncy and glossy as they said it would be

Boobs - I have never had a good rack.  I'm not ashamed to admit it!  I just never seemed to sprout in the chest department so I was actually really looking forward to getting some sort of cleavage! However this was short lived when the pain kicked it!  Jesus, they hurt A LOT and I think this will only get worse as it nears Harry's arrival.  I would be perfectly happy going back down to an A cup if I can get rid of the aching

As much as it probably sounds like I am moaning about pregnancy, I'm really not!!  I love it really and I cannot wait to be a mummy!  I just think its good to be really honest about how you feel and look and there is nothing wrong with feeling rubbish or sometimes wishing someone else could be carrying this baby for you - its hard work!

Was pregnancy everything you thought it would be??


Sunday, 21 July 2013

23 Week Update

How far along?  23 weeks

Total weight gain:  I think I am starting to gain a little more weight on my legs, arms and bum now :( Wahhhh!  It was going to happen though and I do need it to balance me out and stop me from toppling over with all the bump!  Harry must have had a growth spurt this week though as my bump is just getting bigger and bigger!  

Maternity clothes?  Again nothing new, but I did pop into Primark this week and get a couple of new tops both in size 10 to give me a little growing room!  You can't really go wrong with Primark as the price is so good that even if you only wear things a few times its still well worth the money

Stretch marks?  None but I can feel a bit of stretching pain in my belly button so I think I am going to get some there!  Still using Bio Oil and Mama Mio Belly Butter and I'm going to purchase some Burts Bees Mama Bees Rub when those have ran out

Sleep:  My sleep quality has been much the same this week, its very hot so I've been restless and waking up often and still having bizarre dream.  last night I dreamt that my sister bought GIANT rabbits like the size of tigers and that she was still breastfeeding my 8 year old niece!

Best moment this week:  We bought a few little things for our new house we will soon be moving in to so that was really exciting!  

Worst moment this week:  Aches and pains

Miss anything?  I am starting to miss being skinny!!

Movement: He doesn't stop moving from 8am to 11pm these days!  Its like he is having a party in there! He keeps sticking something out right over on my right side every so often which looks totally weird!  I think its either his head or his bottom and its so freaky to watch!!

Food cravings:  Cold Coke still and Terrys Choccie Orange.  I am also really enjoying stilton at the mo!

Anything making you queasy or sick:  When Harry is extra active and stick his head/butt out that makes my tummy churn a little!

Gender: Boy!!

Labor signs: None

Symptoms:  I have now started to get the dreaded bad back.  I have never had a bad back in my life but all this extra weight is definitely putting strain on it and I need to get myself a massage ASAP!  I think the heat maybe not helping and I can't find any position to ease it, it just constantly hurts!  I feel sorry for Mr H as I am just moaning all the time about it and demanding that he rubs it better!!

Belly button in or out?  Ahhh the belly button question!! My belly button has been easing its way outwards all week and today it actually feels like its going to pop!!  I think it may last another week or so but it hurts from the pressure and just wants to get out of its little inny-self!!

Happy or moody most of the time?  I have been feeling quite happy this week!  I love the sunshine, even if I am uncomfortable in it and I just keep getting little pangs of excitement about becoming a mummy!

Looking forward to:  Again I just cannot wait to move into our new pad!



Friday, 19 July 2013

My Bumps 1st Festival

This weekend Mr H and I took our bump to his first festival!!  Yes, some may say we are crazy but it was fine and we had a blast at Wireless!!
I, in fact, felt better than the rest of our crowd as I drank so much water and ate so much food that I was nice and cool and full of energy!  The others were a bit worse for wear halfway through the day due to copious amounts of cider and too much head banging!

Sporting the Baby on Board badge!

I absolutely loved Tinie Tempah's and Jay Z's performances, not to mention a cheeky little special appearance from Justin Timberlake to round of the night!  Our inner hip hopper's came out and we danced the night away!  Harry was kicking along to the music so I think he was pretty happy in there listening to it all!

Me and Andrea

People were so considerate over me as well.. By now it is pretty obvious I am carrying a baby and I also wore my "Baby on Board" badge all day, and I found people did move out of my way when they noticed and I didn't once feel in danger of being crushed or pushed over

Wireless 2013

The only downside to this years Wireless Festival was the venue.  The Olympic Park was basically a building site!  The place was covered in gravel and dust and the only saving grace was the huge piece of astro turf covering the main stage area.  Not only was it a bit of a dump but the walk from the station to the site was a good few miles which is ridiculous for hundreds of thousands of people to do in the heat we have been having!  The festival was also far too spread out, with the main stage being another 2 mile walk from the rest of the smaller tents so we actually had to miss a couple of acts due to the distance between the two.  Not fun.

Mr H, his nephew and I

Due to this walk, getting home was a bit of a nightmare!  I literally couldn't get on the tube there was far to many people, i would have put my little bumps life in danger as there was no chance of anyone noticing my "Baby on Board" badge.  We ended up having to wait a good hour until the crowd had died down which resulted in us getting the last train home and me waddling in at 3am!  Wild pregnant bird!

Mr H and I!

Despite the tiredness I felt yesterday and today, it was all well worth it and I am really glad I went and didn't miss out on a great day out!!  I hope if anyone reading this is pregnant and in doubt about going along to an event, that they feel a bit better about going after reading this.  Just remember to keep well hydrated, eat plenty, take rests when you need it and let people around you know all about your bump and you will be fine!


Thursday, 18 July 2013

Pregnancy Favourites

Its been a while since I have done a pregnancy favourites mainly due to the fact they haven't really changed, but the list has expanded!  So here is a round up of things I have been loving during the last few weeks

1. A mug of cold milk -  This has been my lifesaver every evening since about week 18 of my pregnancy when I started to get the dreaded heartburn.  The milk neutralises stomach acid and really soothes that burning feeling and the reflux that comes with it.  I have a mug every single night before bedtime (approx 2 hours before so I am not busting for a wee all night)  It is a better and cheaper remedy than any medicine!

2.  E45 Original Cream - I have mentioned before that my skin has been a bit of a pickle since I fell pregnant and my usual skin saviours just haven't been working for me.  Scented moisturisers with complicated ingredients seem to irritate and result in spots, so I felt like I needed to go back to basics and use as little product on my skin as possible.  In steps the nations favourite and trusty E45 cream!  I have been using this instead of my night and day cream, under make up and alone and I have found my skin has been so much better!  Its not irritated, dry or rashy and spots have been much less frequent.  

If you are suffering from similar hormonal skin like mine I would recommend stripping it back and trying a dab of E45

3.  Una Brennan Superfacialist Tea Flower Puryfying Mask - Now this is one product I have been using on my skin that isn't irritating it in the slightest and I think is actually starting to help it glow!  I have got really into face masks in the last year or so, I find nothing more relaxing than popping one on whilst in a hot bubble bath and reading a book!  Plus i know that its doing my skin some good at the same time!  This clay based mask is not too thick and doesn't dry out completely, it is perfect for soaking up that excessive oil and drawing out pesky blackheads.  I like the leave mine on for my whole bath and then wash off using clean warm water and a muslin cloth and I feel so fresh and clean after using it

4.  Terrys Chocolate Orange - This is definately my MEGA craving.  I can't seem to go a day without one which is horrendous!! I have never been a big chocolate eater but this is one thing I have really been indulging in whilst preggo! 

5.  What to Expect The First Year -  I mentioned the What to Expect When You're Expecting book in a previous favourites post and the second book in the series is just as good!  I have only read around half of the book so far but it has excellent content and a great Q and A ssystem throughout the book to help you through the first year with your little one.  This book should be an essential that the midwives give you when you leave the hospital!!

6.  By Carla Pregnancy Pillow - I have been starting to get the aches and pains every pregnant lady tells you about, and let me tell you, it is no fun!!  Working in an office full time does me no favours as I am often locked into one sitting posistion (possibly with terrible posture) and by the dn of the day my ribs, back and bottom are in agony!  I decided to splash out on a pregnancy support pillow and lucky for me I found one on offer via the Bounty website from By Carla.  Since using it I have been sleeping a lot better and find I can fall asleep easier due to its comfy shape and cushioning under my tummy!

7.  Boots Cooling Headache Pads - I haven't been suffering from pregnancy headaches anymore but I have been using these as a cool down method in this muggy heat!  Our bedroom is currently south facing so is like a sauna from approx 2pm onwards so these patches have been a cheap and effective remedy to bring my temperature down

8.  NARS Sheer Glow Foundation - My favourites seem to be a lot about skin right now as I think its important to feel like you look great and glowing during pregnancy even if you actually look pretty rough!  This foundation is luxury to the max as it is not cheap but it fakes that glow and covers imperfections completely, whilst staying put on your face and not wearing down or going greasy.  I find all NARS foundations to be quite yellow toned but that's actually something I quite like in a base as it can make you look a little more tanned than pink toned foundations do, but go careful with your shade selection as you don't want to look like a Simpson!

What have your pregnancy favourites been??  Do you use any of these products??


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

22 Week Update

How far along?  22 weeks & 2 days

Total weight gain:  I have had a fat week and feeling huge! I don't think I am actually huge but I feel it.  I think this is down to the heat and the fact my ankles seem to be swelling a little!  Bad times.  
My friend had this a few weeks back and recommends elevating your legs as much as possible  but this can be pretty difficult at work and also at festivals!!

Maternity clothes?  Nothing new, really enjoying my H&M Mama purchases from last week but I still feel like I have nothing to wear and look crap in everything!  I think this is just going to get worse as I get bigger so I should probably just get used to it and stop moaning!!  I now understand why people said to me its so rubbish being preggo in the summer! 

Stretch marks?  None, just looking quite veiny on my tummy!  I am running out of Mama Mio's Belly Butter and thinking about trying a new one, does anyone have any recommendations??  I have been told Burts Bees Mama Bees Oil is lovely, has anyone tried it?

Sleep:  Sleep has been odd! I am getting to sleep fine but I have been having such horrific dreams I wake up upset!!  Mainly baby related!  The other night I had one where I had my baby but I couldn't seem to hold it properly and it was flopping all over the place and puking everywhere!!!

Best moment this week:  Harry has been kicking so so much now and I have really enjoyed his "active-ness" 

Worst moment this week:  Bad dreams and aching ribs!

Miss anything?  For the first time I haven't missed a single thing!  I thought I would miss alcohol this weekend when I went to Wireless Festival (post to come) but I really didn't at all! I had a blast and I felt so much better than everyone else did in the heat!

Movement: As above, he has been moving around loads and I am LOVING it.

Food cravings:  Cold Coke still and carbs!  Loving a good plate off chips..  I wish I was craving healthy stuff like Green Tea and dust!! Trying to start eating a lot healthier now as I am being so so naughty with the eating out and being lazy

Anything making you queasy or sick:  nothing!

Gender: Boy!!

Labor signs: None

Symptoms:  Another quite good week really!  Full of energy and not feeling particularly unwell or anything.  My body is pretty achey though most of the time and feeling like its really growing and under a lot more strain than before.  Its quite uncomfortable at work now sitting down for long periods, which can't exactly be avoided - AND totally not enjoying swollen ankles!

Belly button in or out?  In but sort of flat!

Happy or moody most of the time?  Happy and moody at once!  Moody because I feel like I look crap at all times and happy because I am obviously so excited to become a Mummy!!

Looking forward to:  Still our house move.  Its stupidly exciting!  Just want to get in there and start the decorating!



Thursday, 11 July 2013

My Favourite Pregnancy & Baby Blogs

When I found out I was pregnant the first thing I did was log on to my PC and drain the internet looking for pregnancy/baby blogs!  I knew immediately that I wanted to start my own and I also had a million questions buzzing round my head that I needed answers to!  Some of the ladies below really helped me on my quest for pregnancy knowledge and some are just blogs that I LOVE following and seeing the updates on how their little ones (or little bumps) are doing!

Go check them all out!!

Sarah The beautiful Sarah over at Bump, Baby C and Me is a good friend of mine and is in her final trimester!  She has looked AMAZING throughout her entire pregnancy even sporting her big round bump from early on! Follow her blog for weekly pregnancy updates, baby related shopping lists and breast feeding debates!

Hannah A Little Beauty Spot has always been a fave beauty blog of mine and when Hannah announced she was expecting a few weeks ago I couldn't wait to follow her progress!  She has just come into her second trimester and looks incredible!  I can't wait to see her tiny bump grow :)  She also has a YouTube channel where she has started to vlog her pregnancy updates which I wish is something I could be confident enough to do as I LOVE to watch them!! Follow her blog for beauty posts, weekly pregnancy updates and posts on what she gets up to at the weekend!

Louise If you haven't come across Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter before then I do not know where you have been!  Plus if you have never come across her junior, Baby Glitter (Darcy) then you have been completely missing out!  These 2 are the cutest duo on the blogging/YouTube scene, creating beauty and baby related videos.  Its nice to read and watch what its like to have a 2 year old to prepare me for things to come!  Follow Louise for adorable Baby Glitter videos and makeup tips

Lara Another friend of mine from my town is Lara who is over on Adventures of a Mum!  She started blogging about halfway through her pregnancy about how to cope with certain ailments and what to buy to dress your bump!  She has an absolutely gorgeous new baby called Henry and you simply must read her birthing story as its totes emotional!  Follow her for pregnancy fashion and cute new baby pics!

Do you have a baby or pregnancy blog??  If so leave me your links below so I can follow them!


Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Pregnancy Survival: Melt-Proof Make Up

There is nothing worse than make up melting down your face on a hot day or in a poorly ventilated building.  When you are pregnant your body temperature is a little higher than usual and you will find that you will sweat a lot more than you used to!
Being an ex-beauty blogger I have tried and tested a lot of methods of applying make up and lots of different brands to see what can withstand the heat so if you're off to a festival this summer like I am or off on your hols, here are some of my tips for a melt-proof face!

1.  Prime!  I don't use a primer in my everyday make up routine.  Some girls swear by it and it is the most important step in their regime, however I find it too heavy for an every day look and I really don't feel like my skin needs it.  However, in the heat a primer is essential to keep your foundation in place and to avoid it going patchy.  I have found that the Smashbox Photo Finish primer in Light is the best for the job!  It will also give you that much sought after dewy look without going greasy

2.  If you can get away with it, skip foundation and go for a tinted moisturiser or a BB cream.  Its light and less likely to clog your pores compared to a regular foundation. Plus, your skin will love you for it.  You cannot beat Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturiser which has an SPF of 20 to keep you protected

3.  Of you can't bare to "go bare" then go for a silicone based foundation as this will last the longest, especially teamed with your primer.  The best I have found is IMAN Second to None Stick Foundation.  It looks really good applied with a flat foundation brush and blended with clean fingers and as always make sure your foundation has an SPF in it!

4.  Opt for a waterproof concealer.  This will hide blemishes and conceal dark circles and won't move an inch!  The best I have found is Lancome's Effacernes

5.  Use cream based eyeshadow and blusher as these won't go cakey and they give a really natural glow that can't be achieved with powders.  Try and find ones with staying power like the Maybelline EyeStudio Color Tattoo 24hr Cream Gel Eyeshadow and the Illamasqua Cream Blusher

6.  Liquid eyeliner and mascara is essential and my favourites are the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner and Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara.  I would steer clear of false eyelashes in the heat as they are likely to irritate your eyes if you get sweaty and are also likely to come unstuck - NOT a good look!

Do you have any heat proof make up tips??


Monday, 8 July 2013

Pregnancy Survival: Baby on Board Badge

As I have mentioned in my Festival Essentials post, I am off to Wireless Festival this coming weekend!!  Some may say I am a crazy preggo woman but I don't see why I should miss out on a fun day out just because I am carrying a baby!

I am however concerned about staying safe at the festival as we all know they can get a little crowded and out of hand (mainly from sweaty teenagers creating mosh pits or punch ups!)  So we will be steering clear of the front of the stage and settling ourselves in a little further back than we usually would, I am also going with boys so they will be creating a "human wall" around me to keep me safe from harm!


One thing I was worried about was the tube journey too and from the event, as its in Stratford this year which is a nightmare on a normal Saturday let alone when people are on their way to get down to a bit of Jay Z!  I did a little research online and found out you can get badges to wear for the tube so people who are blind and can't see your bump can clearly see you are pregnant and will hopefully let you sit down!  I think this is a great idea and I think the badge is pretty retro so I don't mind wearing it, I just hope people don't ignore it and will actually give up their seat for this little preggo lady!

If you want to claim a free Transport for London Baby on Board badge just email your full name and address to or call 0343 222 1234

Have you got a Baby on Board badge??  Do people pay attention to it?!

Sunday, 7 July 2013

21 Week Update

How far along?  21 weeks

Total weight gain:  Still not sure but this week bump has grown and grown!  Its starting to get a little harder now too!  I don't think I have put much weight on elsewhere so hopefully its all just baby

Maternity clothes?  I had a meltdown last weekend and got in a rage about having NOTHING to wear! I seem to struggle most on hot days as its hard to wear vests and things without boobs falling out everywhere and just generally everything being terribly unflattering.  So i had had enough and my lovely other half took me to Southampton where I spent around £70 on some new maternity gear!  I got so much for that amount of money though and I am really pleased with my purchases.  I got it all from H&M's Mama range which wasn't huge at all, just a few rails but it was full of really nice bits that were also all in the sale!  I will do a separate post for what I bought if anyone is interested? (The red jersey dress in my bump pic this week is one of my purchases and was only £5!!)

Stretch marks?  None but I have noticed a purple'ish looking teeny tiny vein showing near my belly button that I don't know if its the beginnings of a stretch mark or possibly a spider vein!?  Either way I dislike it and it has encouraged me to use twice the amount of Bio Oil!

Sleep:  I haven't slept at all well this week, possibly due to the sticky muggy weather but also because I just feel so uncomfortable now my bump has started to really grow.  I am thinking a pregnancy pillow is next on my agenda to buy as just hugging a cushion isn't cutting it right now

Best moment this week:  I have actually really liked the fact that my bump has grown as I was getting a bit of a complex being so small.. people say some really odd comments and almost look worried that you aren't sporting a huge bump when you are halfway through your pregnancy! 

Worst moment this week:  Lack of sleep mainly and just being a little uncomfortable in general when sitting down at work!

Miss anything?  I have missed brie this week!

Movement: SO much movement! Last night for the first time he actually woke me up kicking! I also felt a really odd movement yesterday where it felt like his hand or foot or something stroked the wall of my tummy! So creepy but also cute!!

Food cravings:  No food cravings this week but still can't get enough of cold coke, especially in this warm weather

Anything making you queasy or sick:  nothing at all this week!

Gender: Boy!!

Labor signs: None

Symptoms:  I have felt pretty good this week health wise, just a bit tired from
some late nights! Heartburn hasn't been too bad at all either. I am feeling a lot more aches and pains now my bump is growing more and the old stabbing ligament pain is in full force!

Belly button in or out?  In but going a little flat so I reckon it will pop out very soon!

Happy or moody most of the time?  H.A.P.P.Y

Looking forward to:  Moving into our new home!!! Eeeek! We are going to have a little party to celebrate! Also can't wait for Wireless festival next weekend.. I have my Baby On Board badge at the ready! 


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