Thursday, 31 October 2013

38 Week Update

How far along?  38 weeks and 2 days.. My midwife didn't think I would see further than 37 weeks!!  Guess she was wrong..  Under 2 weeks to go!!!!!!!!

Total weight gain:  I haven't got a bloody clue! Mr H thinks my bump has grown loads this week but it doesn't really feel like it has to me! I promise to weigh myself before I eject this little one out of me!!

Maternity clothes?  Nothing new and I have had a particularly lazy week this week and spent most of it in my pjs!

Stretch marks? Still none but my belly is really really REALLY dry and itchy and flaking off all over the placeand i'm so scared this will be when they hit me!  I am lathering on Palmers Original Formula Cocoa Butter and Mama Mio Boob Tube (review here) but it doesn't seem to be quenching my skins thirst! Any suggestions to help me ease the dryness would be greatly appreciated!!?? 

Sleep:  Sleep again has been random.  One night sleeping really really well and other nights barely at all! My rib pain was particularly bad one night this week and I woke up yelping in pain!

Best moment this week: We finished our kitchen!  In fact we have basically finished the whole house - well it is almost liveable anyway!!  We are moving in at the end of this week and HOPEFULLY that means we can bring Harry home there!!

Worst moment this week:  I had a bit of an emotional day early in the week where I just felt so huge and sore and miserable and I burst into tears and wouldn't stop!  I felt better afterwards though :) 

Miss anything?  I miss my energy and my old body and I am totally ready for it to come back now!

Movement: Harry's movements have really picked up this week and he is constantly wriggling around!  Its really nice to see and feel it thought as I was worried the week before about reduced movement.
His head still feels so low down like its going to fall out which is agony though so everytime he moves I wince!

Food cravings:  I haven't had any cravings this week actually

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope

Gender: Boy :-) 

Labour signs:  No labour signs really this week but I think my mucus plug is starting to come away - i'm not going to go into detail on this one don't worrh!!

Symptoms:  I am still experiencing the same symptoms as last week, a lot of period pain like tummy aches and cramps and so much pressure in my pelvis.  I have had constant shooting pains down below which make me wince they are very sore!! 
I am convinced I have a brusied or broken rib as that is just SO painful! It's constant pain now even when he's not kicking me in them!
Heartburn has been sporadic.. Some days quite bad, sometimes it disappears 

Belly button in or out?  Really flat!

Happy or moody most of the time? Happy mostly!

Looking forward to:  I am just looking forward to Harry coming now :-)  I feel like I am ready for it and I don't feel particularly scared now!



Baby Clothing Haul

I haven't really posted much about clothes we have bought for Harry, because I want to save as much as possible to do some baby OOTD's!  However I can't resist showing you a sneak peak of a few of our little dudes outfits!

This Mickey all-in-one is from Mothercare!  Its soooo cute, I couldn't resist the little mouse ear hat!  Yes, I will be dressing Harry up in silly outfits because I can!!

I love dribble bibs on baby boys, they look good and they are really practical!  I know have a huge stack of them but my fave is this Hungry Caterpillar one which I found on EBay!!

As you know we are totally obsessed with anything with elephants on for some reason!!  I got these little soft shoes from Sainsbury's a few months ago now

This yellow rain mac is probably my favoueite item in Harry's wardrobe!! It is just SO cool!!  Its really well lined so it will keep him nice and warm in the winter and looks like something his daddy would wear to a festival!! The best thing about this mac was the price.. £5!  It was in the sale from Tesco F&F and I am so pleased we found it

These little Ugg style booties were a present from one of Harry's granddads and came all the way from Portugal!  They will be perfect to keep his tiny tootsies warm
This beautiful Jasper Conran pram suit was a gift from Harry's future baby friend April!  She never got to wear it and as its white its totally unisex and will be great for the cold weather we are starting to endure

This gorgeous little knitted set was handmade by a friend of ours who is expecting in Jan 2014!  I wanted to cry when we received them as they are just so so cute and one of a kind :-)  The bobble hat is my fave, I can't wait to put it on his head!!


Another outfit from Tesco F&F, this was one of the first things we bought for Harry!  Its really really soft good quality material and I love the colour!

SO there you go.. a tiny peek into Harry's wardrobe!!  I am so excited for him to arrive now so I can start styling him.. hehe!!

Friday, 25 October 2013

37 Week Update

 How far along? 37 WEEKS - officially full term!!!!!

Total weight gain:  God knows! My bump has dropped loads though which seems to make it looks smaller!?

Maternity clothes?  Nothing new at all, I have been living in my Topshop maternity Jamie jeans 

Stretch marks? Still nothing and still using good old Palmers Original Formula Cocoa Butter and Mama Mio Boob Tube  (review here)
My belly has been quite dry and really rashy this week though and nothing seems to be soothing it!

Sleep:  Sleep has been totally up and down! One night I'm sleeping really well and only waking up for the toilet a couple of times and others I can't get to sleep and then I'm waking up 5 or 6 times with rib pain!

Best moment this week: Seeing Sarah from Bump, Baby C and Me and baby Albie was a highlight this week!! They are both great and looking amazing :-)

Worst moment this week:  I've been in quite a lot of pain this week in various places of my preggo body! 

Miss anything?  I don't actually miss anything this week really!

Movement: Harry is way down there now and feels like he is going to push his way out at any moment!! The sharp pain you get down below is indescribable - I am sure this is a billion times worse in labour!!
His movements are very restricted now and I do feel them a little less which took some getting used to

Food cravings:  just hot chocolate!!!! 

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope

Gender: Boy :-) 

Labour signs: So I did actually have some what seemed like early labour signs! I woke up Wednesday and just didn't feel right at all.. I was extremely dizzy, nauseous and I had a funny tummy. I went out and experienced some sharp pains in my bump that were coming and going as well as a lot of tightening. This then turned into what felt like period cramps, low in my tummy and back! This continued all the way into the night until I fell asleep but then I woke up the next day and felt completely normal with no pain or discomfort whatsoever!!! Random huh?!

Symptoms:  Most of my symptoms are above, random tummy aches and cramps, dizziness, nausea and the pressure in my pelvis.
Again my rib pain has been really bad as well I am convinced I am going to have permanant damage to them! They feel broken! It is particularly bad at night when I have been laying on one side to long
Heartburn has been random too.. One day really awful and the next not there at all! I always make sure I have gaviscon with me though just in case it strikes 

Belly button in or out?  Really flat!

Happy or moody most of the time? I have been a pretty happy bunny this week apart from when I'm in agony with some sort of preggo pain!

Looking forward to:  Moving into our house!!!!!!!!!!

Bump: (and other random pics!)


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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

36 Week Update

 How far along? 36 weeks and 4 days. Whoopsie I am posting this super late because I actually thought I had already posted it! Baby brain.

Total weight gain:  My bump grew a whopping 2cm in a week and a bit and is back on track so that's good! Harry feels bigger and doesn't have much more room in there and my butt and legs feels grose and wobbly and fat! Bring on the post partum diet

Maternity clothes?  Nothing new. In fact I bought a shirt this week in a size 8 for after I have had Harry! It's really loose though and I can actually wear it with the bump!

Stretch marks? Still none and still using good old Palmers Original Formula Cocoa Butter and Mama Mio Boob Tube  (review here)

Sleep:  Sleep is back to being non existent! I am waking up every hour for a pee or to move posistion!
The preggo exhaustion is well and truly back and I find myself just wanting/needing to lie down pretty much all the time!! 

Best moment this week: We have almost finished Harry's nursery which is so exciting! His clothes are washed, ironed and put away and his shelves are in place, just a few finishing touches to be added and I will be able to post all about it!

Worst moment this week:  Mr H went away for a few days to Portugal with work and I HATED it! I was left in charge if the new house and organising who was doing what and when, and it tired me out so much I couldn't wait for him to get back and resume his project manager role!

Miss anything?  I missed my other half this week!!

Movement: Halfway through this week I suddenly felt a real pushing feeling down below and in my pelvis which got worse over a couple of days.. It was shortly followed by sharp stabbing pains and the feeling that Harry was going to somehow fall out!! This my friends is your baby engaging in your pelvic region and boy does it hurt!! This means that when our little wriggler is moving about in there it is generally quite painful as his head seems to move at the same time! Ouch! I had a midwife appointment and she announced that his head was almost fully engaged and she very quickly decided that he was going to be an early baby and she would expect him shortly after 37 weeks!!? Now I know no one knows for sure but this totally freaked me out.. I am completely unprepared as we are still yet to actually move into our home and my sister who is going to be there with us when Harry is born is going on holiday until just a week before my due date - eek. Hang on in there little one!

Food cravings:  I wouldn't say I've had any cravings this week apart from hot chocolate!!! 

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope

Gender: Boy :-) 

Labour signs: None but as above he is getting himself ready!

Symptoms:  The rib pain is insane which I think is odd as he has dropped so much! I find myself waking up in agony during the night because I have slept on one side too long!
I've had a lot of period type cramps in my lower tummy and around my pelvis which seems particularly bad at night, again this is likely to be due to the pressure in that area..
Heartburn is horrendous! I can't stop eating things that aggrevate it though! I love spicy food, rich sauces, chocolate and orange juice!!! There isn't much I find that doesn't give me heartburn at the moment so I have been downing Gaviscon like there's no tomorrow!
I still need a wee every 5 mins, totally annoying! 
Again this week I have felt a few twinges from my sciatic nerve but it hasn't  gotten any worse than that and must just be the pressure of it all!

Belly button in or out?  Outie!

Happy or moody most of the time? I would say pretty happy but a little stressed!

Looking forward to: Moving into our house and being able to finally relax - hopefully before the little bean arrives.. I can but dream!!



Monday, 21 October 2013

Pregnancy Survival: My Third Trimester Essentials

Seeing as I am almost at the end of my pregnancy (it feels totally weird saying that!!) I thought it would be a good idea to share my absolute essentials for the third trimester!  These are all products I could not live without during this last stage of pregnancy and I know a lot of other mums and mums-to-be will agree with most of them!
Beautysets - Third Trimester Essentials
By Carla Maternity Pillow £29.63 from Tesco - Sleep is rare and golden when you manage to get some during the third trimester.. especially in the last weeks.  The main reason for me is the ever increasing weight on my hips and my By Carla Pillow is the only things that helps to relieve the pressure.  I sleep with it wedged between my legs and under my bump and I sort of hug it!!  I don't go anywhere overnight without my pillow and I will probably miss it when I don't need it anymore!!!  Hopefully Mr H will be up for cuddles!!
Gaviscon Peppermint £3.70 from Boots or FREE from your doctor with your Maternity Exemption Card - As your baby gets bigger in the last stage of pregnancy heartburn is likely to get worse and I have found this to be veryyy true! Heartburn is one of my biggest and most horrible symptoms and without a swig of Gaviscon after every meal (and in the middle of the night) I would be crying constantly!! There are other antacids you can take to help ease it but my doctor only prescribes me Gaviscon and I find it does the trick - OH and I can only stand the peppermint flavour as the aniseed tastes like sambucca YUCK!
Milk - Again this one is to help ease heartburn and I find if I have half a glass of milk after dinner or before bed it really helps to ease it! 
Palmers Cocoa Butter Original Formula £3.25 from Boots - If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that so far *touches wood vigorously* I haven't had any stretch marks and I believe this is down to religious use of Palmers Cocoa Butter - Not the thin body lotion stuff but the proper solid hard core original formula!  Yes its greasy and not ideal to whack on if your rushing to put your clothes on but it does the trick, its cheap as chips and I wouldn't be without it.  I am also hoping it will help postpartum with any stretchmarks I get after birth
Mama Mio Boob Tube Bust & Neck Firmer* £29.50 from Mama Mio - This product comes with a hefty price tag but one that I think is totally worth it!  This cream has transformed my chest area!  I had stretchmarks from years ago on my boobs and since using this Bust Firmer they have significantly reduced and the skin has become tighter and smoother
Nexcare Maternity Support* £29.99 from 3M Direct - This little number has been a god send in the last few weeks since I have left work and have been busy decorating our new home.  I have been constantly on my feet and the weight of my bump was getting too much, I tried the Nexcare Support band and I felt instant relief.  It took the pressure right off my back and lifted my bump slightly which felt heavenly!  I now wear it everyday when I am doing things around the house
Belli Acne Clearing Facial Wash £25.50 from The Little Pear Tree - As you know I have suffered badly with pregnancy acne from start to finish and it got me down big time!!! I have never really had problem skin and haven't had to spend a fortune on skincare to keep it tip top so acne products and washes were totally alien to me.  After months of searching I finally came across the Belli Acne Clearing Facial Wash which is specially formulated for pregnant ladies skin! It contains lactic acid, lemon peel oil, green tea extract and cucumber which creates a really rich smelling yummy concoction that foams up slightly with water and leaves your skin feeling VERY clean and refreshed.  I noticed the improvement in my skin within a week of use and now a month on I wouldn't be without it!  My skin isn't spot free but it is so much better than it was and any spots I do get disappear very quickly! Its not cheap and I can only find it in the UK on the link above but again for me the quality justifies the price
Tena Lady Light Liners £1.99 from Boots - Not going to beat around the bush on this one but in the last stages of pregnancy bladder control is at its weakest!! I have never had a good bladder as it is so these liners are completely necessary to save any embarrassing wet patches!!!  They aren't thick and nappy like at all, they are very discreet and just do the job really!
Kindle Paperwhite £109 from Argos - I think a Kindle is a necessary product for EVERY woman not just pregnant ones! However I have used mine more than every during these last few weeks as I have struggled to sleep.. big time!  I find reading until I fall asleep instead of watching TV helps me to initially get to sleep and then if I wake up in the early hours its there to help me drift back off again without me disturbing Mr H.  The battery life on the Kindle Paperwhite is SO much better than the old ones which is good as the last thing you want during your preggo insomnia is battling with a dead battery in the middle of the night!!
So there you have it.. those are my third trimester essentials! I hope it helps any of you ladies who are approaching it, or are in it and needing some advice!
What are your third trimester essentials?


Sunday, 13 October 2013

My Baby Shower

This weekend one of my besties Jennie threw me an amazing baby shower!!
I had received my invitation a couple of months ago, so I knew it was going to be a "Little Man" theme with moustaches and everything! I'd been excited about it for weeks and it certainly did not disappoint!!

I arrived before everyone else so I could FaceTime Mr H and show him the amazing effort Jennie had put in! Her flat had practically been redecorated, it looked amazing!!

...This cake was homemade by Jennie - I think she is in the wrong proffession!! It looked absolutely perfect and tasted delicious!

...Jennie's other half created a slideshow of my bump update pictures!!

...So many lovely gifts!!!

...My big sis :-)

...We had a BYOB (bring your own baby) policy at the party! This is Harry's future friend April! 

...My niece Lily!

...Jennie adorned everything she could get her hands on with these chalkboard moustache stickers!

...Scott's sister and my mummy!

...I had a ridiculous amount of presents to open, we were so spoilt! This lovely gift box was put together by Sarah from Bump Baby C and Me and was full of cute things!

... I had a little helper to assist in present opening of course!

...Seriously this cake was absolutely incredible - yum!

...Thank you so much Jennie for arranging such a special day for Harry and I!! We love you!!

Thursday, 10 October 2013

35 Week Update

How far along?  35 weeks & 1 day - wowser. This last bit is going stupidly fast.. I'm thinking I should start becoming nervous about the whole thing by now!?

Total weight gain:  My legs feel totally fat top and bottom and I hate it! I can't wait to start eating right and excersising once this pregnancy is over! I don't think my bump looks any bigger this week at all, it has dropped a little though which I think makes it look smaller!?

Maternity clothes?  No new maternity clothing and I have worn the same paint splattered leggings and tshirt all week!!
I did wear a special baby blue dress to my baby shower this weekend though!

Stretch marks? Nothing yet.. Aahh! I think I will be writing a letter to to Palmers as their Cocoa Butter seems to be getting me through this pregnancy without a mark so far!! I also don't go a day without using my Mama Mio Boob Tube  (review here) so no stretch marks on my boobs either!!

Sleep:  It seems Mr Man-In-Charge-Of-Sleep heard my silent prayers last week and granted me a few nights of solid z's as for the last 4 nights I've managed to sleep uninterrupted until around at least 7.30am! Bliss!!
The last couple of days I have noticed that pregnancy exhaustion has started to kick in though and by late afternoon I am so shattered I need a nap or a lie down! I'm starting to slow down on what I am contributing to the decoration of the house as I just need to rest!!

Best moment this week: 100% the best moment this week was my baby shower yesterday!!!!! It was so lovely and my bestie Jennie literally redecorated her apartment in preparation for it! Once I have all the photos I will post all about it!

Worst moment this week:  I can't think of any moment this week which has been bad at all! I am just so caught up in this new house whirlwind :-)

Miss anything?  This week I am missing my energy and my old body as it's really really hard trying to help decorate and move house when you are this round and tired!

Movement: I'm pretty sure Harry is still head down Woop Woop! I'm still getting hell of a lot of moment from him which is still nice! He does like to kick me in the ribs though and stick his bum right up into them - are my ribs ever going to recover!?!

Food cravings:  Hazelnut hot chocolates and eating carrot sticks at the same time as cheese and onion crisps!?

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope!

Gender: Boy boy boy!!! I keep saying it now but I am so happy to be having a boy! I started washing and ironing his little tiny clothes this week and they are just so adorable, he is going to look sooooo cool!

Labour signs: None and hopefully I won't get any signs this coming week either as Daddy H is off to Portugal with work for 3 bloody days! I'm scared.

Symptoms:  My horrible cold has almost departed, it just lingers around at night time and I have THE most annoying cough!!
The rib pain has been quite bad again this week even when I'm standing up! Mostly due to him kicking them and his bottom sticking up into them, and of course he is getting bigger in there so I'm sure that's another reason why they are so sore.
I decided to prepare myself and Mr H lunch boxes for our days at the new house as we were just eating SO much takeaway crap and lo and behold my heartburn is so much better!
A big symptom this week has been needing the loo constantly! Like literally every 15 minutes even if I haven't drank anything! This is because Harry's now head down and my bladder is so compressed it can hardly hold any fluid!
Also this week I have felt a few twinges from my sciatic nerve again :-( I am praying it's just a few little niggles and not my excruciating sciatica coming back

Belly button in or out?  Defo quite out now!

Happy or moody most of the time? I am on top of the world this week!!!

Looking forward to: Sorting through all of the lovely gifts from my friends and family from the baby shower! We were ridiculously spoilt!



Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Birthday Wishes

A quick post today to say Happy Birthday to Sarah from Bump Baby c and Me !

If you don't follow her blog already then stop being so silly and get yourself over there and wish her a Happy Birthday.. and check out her adorable little baby boy Albie at the same time!

Have a great day SJ!

Monday, 7 October 2013

34 Week Update

How far along?  34 weeks & 2 days

Total weight gain:  I don't think I look particularly bigger this week and my bump measures 2cm under but that is still fine as Scott and I aren't big people so the bump isn't likely to be huge!

Maternity clothes?  Nothing new at all and true to my word I have lived in maternity leggings and comfy tees all week!
This doesn't really count as maternity clothing but I have been wearing a Nexcare Maternity Support Belt* whilst decorating at the new house which has been incredible! I will be posting a review this week so stay tuned if you are interested in finding out more about it

Stretch marks? Still nada! Continuing to use Palmers Original Formula Cocoa Butter and the Mama Mio Boob Tube  (review here) !

Sleep:  Sleep has been rare again and it's really taken its toll on me I am shattered and poorly!!

Best moment this week: I will summarise this with a photo..

Yes that's right we got the keys for our new house and work started on it the minute we got in there!!! Pretty much the whole downstairs is being renovated and Harry's room is almost complete, painting wise! We have done so much in just a few days it's amazing - and exhausting
See my previous post if you want to see some photos of the house before any work has been done

Worst moment this week:  I went down with tonsilitus on my first day of maternity leave!! Very inconvienent when trying to decorate a new house! I have felt pretty rotten but just worked through it! The tonsilitis then turned into a full on cold/flu and I finally gave in on Sunday and spent a whole day in bed feeling sorry for myself

Miss anything?  Again I am missing my sleep! Just one blissful night would be lovely!!
Movement: Harry has turned!! I didn't even realise he had as my ribs hurt so much still and there was a big round hard thing sticking out but this time it wasn't his head it was his bony bottom! I am so so happy he has managed to turn himself and I am praying he stays there!!! Good boy Hazza (mummy's sorry for shouting at you!)

Food cravings:  No cravings this week at all, I've been quite off food with being poorly

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope, nothing

Gender: Boy!!

Labour signs: None and no more Braxton hicks.. I don't think my bump has really 'dropped' yet either!

Symptoms:  Obviously getting sick has been the worst thing this week!
The rib pain is still really sore at night but is a lot better during the day which has to be down to not sitting at a desk! I have been on the move so much this week with decorating our house and also bouncing around on an excercise ball!
I've had awful heartburn again but I have been eating so much crap due to the move so I am really not helping that at all!

Belly button in or out?  Flat and half out.. Weird!

Happy or moody most of the time?  Even though I have been ifeeling so rough I am SO happy!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking forward to: Building Harry's nursery furniture and putting everything in its place in his room.. I will be dedicating a picture heavy post when it's finished!!

Bump: I apologize for the horrendous paint covered outfit and miserable tired face!!!

For some reason I like to take photos of myself doing puffer fish impressions..


Sunday, 6 October 2013

Our New Home: Part 1

If you are a regular reader of Lucie & The Bump then you will know that we have spent the entire pregnancy so far trying to move house in time for our little mans arrival and this week my friends, we got our keys!!
We haven't exactly moved in yet as the place is pretty much a building site BUT it's coming along soooo quickly that we should be in there within a couple of short weeks!

I feel like you guys have been there every step of the way with us so it's only fair that we take you along on the journey of making our house into a home. So here are some snaps of our house before we started any work on it

One large front room/dining room! We love the size of this room and the fact it has original 1900's floorboards, which we plan to sand and varnish

The kitchen wasn't to our taste at all and felt very narrow and closed in so this room will be the biggest change to the house.. I can't wait to show you the finished result!!!

This is our second bedroom which is such a good size! We don't plan to do a lot to this room yet and it will most likely remain a storage room for a while

Our hallway!

This is where the Prince of the house will be sleeping and for me the most exciting room of the whole house!! The family who lived here before us also used this room as a nursery but I have I idea how their baby slept in this bright yellows s it gives me a headache!

Another shot of Harry's room 

This is our main bedroom which again is a really good size.  I adore the long windows which make the room really light, we plan to enhance this with a really fresh and light colour pallette

Another shot of our bedroom

So what do you think guys??? Was it worth the wait?!

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