Saturday, 28 November 2015


1.    equivalent to the sum of one and one; one less than three; 2.
"two years ago"
pair, duo, duet, dyad, duplet, tandem; 
o    a group or unit of two people or things.
noun: two; plural noun: twos
"they would straggle home in ones and twos"
pair, duo, duet, dyad, duplet, tandem; 
o    two years old.
"he is only two"

They say that two is terrible.  Really bloody terrible.  Well guess what TWO, we’re ready for you!! (kinda.)

This year has zoomed by unbelievably fast and it terrifies me that I’ll blink and I’ll have a stroppy teenager to contend with!  I honestly don’t know where the time has gone, but to be honest so so much has happened in this short space of time.
This year was the year we gave Harry his magic ears and we haven’t looked back!  We put him through intense surgery, but gave him the most amazing gift by doing so!

My cheeky monkey has also developed into such a character, he is so loving and enjoys cuddling up with mummy and daddy on the sofa catching up on the latest Disney Pixar movies.  He’s the first one to dish out the kisses when people come through the front door and he’ll give anyone a peck in exchange for a biscuit!
His first words are slow but starting to come through now, especially when he wants something!  “More”, “No”, “Please” and “Choo Choo” are among his favourites as well as the signs that go along with it

Harry has also turned into a bit of a monster, like full on toddler tantrums with head banging, the works.  It’s quite hard to adjust to these mood swings and we are still learning how on earth to discipline a child of his age (tips on a postcard please)
A friend of mine told me that “it’s all in the name” having a little pickle with the same name herself!!

Haribo is really confident and friendly with other children and adults which I am so pleased about.. I worried from day one that being a deaf child would make him quiet and reserved but he couldn’t be more the opposite.  I hope to keep reinforcing that confidence as he gets older!
Also this year, with me going back to work Harry went off to a childminder who he absolutely adores!  He repeats her name “Fi Fi” over and over every morning in the car and waves me off as soon as we knock on her door.  I think it’s been really good for him to be around other children whilst I’m slogging away at my desk a few days a week and his babble is really coming on now.

I say it all the time but I couldn’t be more proud to be Mama to this baby bird.  He continues to amaze me every day with his hearing and the start of his funny little speaking voice.  Hes beautiful and my heart could explode with love for him.
I’m so excited for you to turn two my darling little boy.. however terrible it may be!!


Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Christmas Gift Guide 2015 | with Etsy UK

Its CHRRRIIIISTTTMMASSSS!  Ok well its not quite but its fast approaching and its time to start thinking about what you're going to spoil your loved 
ones with this year.  You all know I am a mahussuve Etsy fan and i'm all about supporting the little businesses that decide to create and sell on there.  You can find so many cool gifts that are a bit different to what you find in your average department store. Here are some of my favorite finds for all your gifting needs!

Arrow Necklace | Blair Waldorf Print | Marble Planner | Coordinates Ring | Blair Waldorf Pencils | Make Up Bag

Star Wars Prints | Tie Clip | Rosemary Beard Oil | Folding Pocket Comb | Horween Leather Toiletry Bag

Hanging Planter | Herb Garden Spoons | Fur Bobble Hat | Canvas and Leather Backpack | Terrarium Kit

Geometric Cushion | Copper Fairy Lights | Copper Clock | Never Give Up Print | Copper Candle Holders

British Food Apron | Whisky Teacup | Copper iPad/Cookbook Stand | Cookie in a Jar | Personalized Wooden Spoon

#needanap Tshirt | Personalized Wooden Puzzle | My Mom Snaps Book | Cardboard Dollshouse | TeePee

What are you getting your nearest and dearest this Christmas?!


Monday, 9 November 2015

2nd Birthday Gift Ideas

Bloody hell.  I am almost mum to a 2 year old, where on earth has the time gone?!  It literally feels like it was only yesterday that my baby boy turned 1 and started toddling around yet so much has happened in that time!
With his second birthday just around the corner I have started to pick up a few bits and “pin” tons of gift ideas.  I find 2 quite a difficult age to buy for, they are too old for baby toys but a little too young for some of the more fun things, but here are some of my fave finds that Harry will hopefully find wrapped up for him on his big day.

chad valley 2 in one magic writer – All the fun of drawing without the mess!  Need I say more?!

Tshirts by Instagram User Yasdnil25
Two tshirt – One of my absolute favourite Instagrammers Yasdnil25 is printing and selling these gorgeous tees for your little ones. I love how simple they are but they look super cool.  I want Harry to have one for every Birthday!!

Tomy Foam Factory – One of the best bath toys I’ve seen and something we will most definitely be getting for Harry! He absolutely loves baths, especially the bubbles and I’m not going to lie I will probably be playing with this one in my own baths..

Thomas & Friends Wooden Railway – Harry has a little wooden train set already but now he is really into his trains and cars we want to get him a bit of an upgrade and a larger set!  I have my eye on the Brio track but the price tag is mental and this one looks just as good plus he is completely Thomas obsessed!

Hape Wooden Toaster – these are all much needed accessorise for Harrys Ikea Play Kitchen.  He loves it so much so I feel like these added extras will go a long way to help him cook up a storm!  It also gives Daddy loads more bits and pieces to put away every evening which I know he loves!!

Mini Farm Animals – Harry is really into animals and copying all the different noises they make so these plastic farm animals will be fun to play with and learn the names of

Melissa and Doug Reusable Sticker Books – Every toddler loves a sticker but they can be messy and the fun can be over within seconds!  With the Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Books the fun literally doesn’t end.  They are completely reusable and there are tons of themes in the range so your little one can create lots of different crazy scenes!

Thomas & Friends Puzzles – Harry hasn’t really got any puzzles and I remember loving them when I was little so I’m keen on getting him some Thomas & Friends themed ones for his birthday this year

Woody doll – We have Buzz, so naturally we need to get Woody!  Buzz however is missing a foot, wings and hes lost his voice after being launched into a full bubblebath.. so perhaps we need to rebuy Buzz as well!!

What did you get your little one for thri 2nd Birthday??

Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Its here and its beautiful.  Is it just me or is there so many more copper coloured leaves covering the floor this year?!
Last week we had a visit from Harry's Nana who lives a short trip down the road in Christchurch.  We picked her up bright and early from the station and headed to one of my favourite places to take H to play, Active Tots.  Its a little soft play in a converted barn and comes complete with a garden and horses to wave at before you leave!  We spent a good couple of hours here, watching Harry launch himself down the slide and fight over toy cars!

After his nap (thank god he hasn't dropped it just yet) we headed out on a walk to a local park and on the way we had a run around in the pretty coloured leaves scattering the ground.  It was so much fun!!  Luckily it was a nice sunny crisp day so the leaves were dry and we could bury our feet in them without getting all soggy!  It really was such a beautiful Autumnal day.  The only thing missing was some conkers, no matter how hard I tried I couldn't find a single one!
Going for walks is one of my favourite activities to do with Harry, he can be in the foulest toddler-hormonal-rage and a breath of fresh air and a stomp around in his wellies will ease his mood instantly.  A cold walk also means I get to wear my new bobble hat from The Fur Bobble Shop - isn't it lush!!!

It doesn't surprise me that so many people's favourite season is Autumn.  The thought of rushing home from work on a chilly evening to whack the heating on and snuggle on the sofa with my loves fills me with nothing more than happiness!

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