Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Maternity Clothing: My 1st Shopping Experience

Mr H and I took a trip to Westfield, Shepherds Bush, mainly so he could pick a birthday present but also because I desperately needed some maternity jeans and trousers as my normal bottoms are getting so uncomfortable to wear!!
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So how did I get on..?!  AWFUL.  I was left raging after going into at least 5 or 6 high street shops to be told they don't stock a maternity section and it is only available online.  Now I don't know about anyone else but I don't want to buy online! I want to go into the store and try a variety of different styles and sizes to see what suits me and fits me best.  I don't want to order hundreds of pounds worth of clothing AND delivery charges for me to send 2 thirds of it back.  However I think this is all I can do to be honest as in store there is nada. nothing. nout.
I did however buy these fabulous skinny jeans from Topshop (the only thing I came away with!!)
Has anyone else had the same problem when trying to shop for maternity clothing??


  1. Everywhere is so rubbish. Zara now do a mum range but not in store! I've resorted to 2 pairs of work trousers. I need jeans so I think ill go by your recommendation! Everything else I have just bought in larger sizes, work blouses from h and m etc.... It's hard being a stylish pregnant women! X.

  2. Totally rubbish SJ!!! Ohhh I will check out Zara online but still I would really like to visit a shop and be able to try a whole load of stuff on... GGrrrr!
    Its so hard being a cool pregnant lady huh ;-) xx

  3. Awww so exciting that you're 14 weeks along!! I was a pregnancy blogger and really enjoyed blogging my journey through pregnancy, at the time it feels like you'll never miss it but I do a bit lol - my little fella is 8 weeks old now, the time has flown by!!!

    Looking forward to reading about your pregnancy as you go along :) if you're taking gender guesses, your scan makes me think girl! ;)

    As for maternity clothes, I found New Look to be the only worthwhile place - but I also found that maternity clothes aren't actually 100% necessary, just buying clothes in a bigger size can work just as well for most things! :)

    Sparkles &



  4. Thank you Hayley!!! Its so exciting! Aww 8 weeks already! It flies by doesn't it! I can't wait to meet our little bean though!
    Eeek love the gender guess.. I haven't got a clue!!
    I am definately going to get some bits from New Look when i get a little bigger, but you are right a lot of clothing you can get away with just buying stretchy or bigger sizes!! xx


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