Harry's Overnight Bag - by Pink Lining

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Prince Harry often goes for sleepovers at his Auntie's or his Nanna's house and it quite quickly became apparent that he needed to cart around a lot of stuff!! I'd turn up at their front doors with a huge bag - a jumble of mine and Harry's bits and pieces - or a really inappropriate rucksack overstuffed with nappies and probably definitely far too many changes of clothing!
So when i received this GORGEOUS overnight bag from Pink Lining I was absolutely over the moon and knew immediately how handy Harry having his own bag would be!

Firstly the print is stunning. Knights and dragons - how cool???!! The material is great quality and is waterproof (babyproof) so you could even use this as a swim bag if you wanted to.
As Harry gets older I know he is just going to love this bag so much and I can see him now packing all his favourite toys and musy's inside!

It's the perfect size for all of his things, I can fit everything he needs for an overnight stay in there, with plenty of room for extras such a toys, a blanket and lotions and potions. It's also not stupidly oversized as us women all know that when were given a large bag we will do our best to fill it!!

For me Pink Lining is second to none  when it comes to fantastic quality bags for children and I think we are going to need the entire Knights and Dragons set to match! They offer a whole range of designs of this overnight bag for girls and for boys, as well as lots of other items to match!

Does your little one have their own overnight bag? Do you always pack far too much?!

My Newborn Essentials

Friday, 4 April 2014

As a new mum I am often asked what my essential products were in those early days and weeks, so here are my absolute staple items that I would advise any mum or mum-to-be to invest in!

Cot Mobile -   We didnt have a cot mobile from day 1 as we knew that our newborn wouldn't be very interested in it, but it became apparent very quickly that it was something we needed to get as Harry became more alert!  He LOVED his mobile from the second we bought it, and he still loves it now!  Its super bright and colourful and the little animals provide endless entertainment!  It also plays music that obviously Harry cannot hear but sometimes we play it anyway! The mobile we have is from Mothercare and I love its bright and colourful design (even though it doesn't match his nursery in the slightest!)


Blankets - I didn't realise how many blankets we would need at all! I thought 1 or 2 would be enough but we seem to go through them like water!!  We now have lots of blankets, all different textures and densities so we have the right blanket for the right temperature and plenty for when he pukes up on one (this happens loads!!) We also have a Swaddle Shell from Mamas and Papas which really helped Harry when he was a newborn as it kept him all secure, however he doesn't seem to like that anymore! He will however only nap in the daytime with a blanket/muzy over his head!!
Footless babygros & Leggings - Outfits and sleepsuits with feet seem to be a bit too restrictive when we are just at home for the day so we have been dressing Harry in a lot of rompers, footless babygros and cotton leggings.  They are so comfy and give him the room to wiggle his arms and legs about freely and he can nap in everything without me having to remove any items of clothing

H & M Socks - One thing that drives me up the wall is crap baby socks!  Even the likes of Next and Mamas & Papas do silly loose fitting socks that fall off the second they are put on resulting in a collection of odd socks at the end of the day! We have found that H&M do the absolute best baby socks which stay put all day long!  They are quite thick and have roll tops which stop the socks from sliding down their teeny tiny ankles and the best thing is they are cheap as chips and the designs are totally cute!
Elephant lamp - In the first few nights of Harry being in his own room it became apparent that any sort of bright light switched on in the middle of the night would wake him completely up and we could never settle him back down again.  We searched high and low for a night light that would give off enough of a glow for nappy changes/sick mop ups but not too much light that it would awake our little bug.  We found this porcelain elephant lamp from Mothercare and it is absolutly perfect for the night feeds!  It really helped when implementing our routine as it would rouse Harry just enough to guzzle his milk and then he would immediately go back to sleep again

Waterwipes - These wipes are amazeballs and are probably my number 1 must have product for a newborn baby.  They are completely safe to use on that sensitive bubba skin and you can literally use them to give your baby a full body wash!  We even used them to wipe away the gunk in Harrys eyes and to freshen up his hair!  They are 99% water and 1% fruit extract making them completely fragrance free and non irritant.  I find the cheapest place to buy these is on Amazon

Bath and body works anti bac - We go through this stuff like water!! This 100% anti bacterial hand gel is fantastic for nappy changes on the go and it smells divine! We currently have an apple one in our changing bag and a huge strawberry one on our changing station at home.  I buy mine on EBay as I dont think its available to buy in the UK just yet

Dummy's - I never ever wanted to give my son a dummy, it was something I was totally adamant I wouldn't do but we quickly realized that it was going to be a necessity for Harry!  If we didn't have his dummy we would be constantly feeding him or have a very miserable baby as he just likes the comfort of a soother.  I'm not looking forward to weaning him off it, but for now he can have as much dummy time as he likes! Dummy is his life..
BEABA Bath Recliner - I have reviewed this little bad boy here, no babies bath is complete without one!

Infacol Colief - These 2 amazing products go hand in hand and have been crucial to Harrys "recovery" from the dreaded colic.  We used both of them for every single feed day and night and they relieve those nasty griping tummy pains.  If you have a colicky baby I strongly urge you to shell out the dollar for Colief as it really is a miracle worker!

Dr Browns Anti-colic Bottles - Another truly amazing colic product!  Dr Browns bottles have a unique air filtering system that stops your baby swallowing too much air (a huge colic cause) we noticed a huge improvement when wing harry the moment we started using them.  they aren't cheap and they are a pain in the butt to assemble but we think they are fantastic!


Olive Oil - We lathered on lashings of the stuff when H was a little bubba and fragranced products are just too much for their teeny bodies!  I truly believe its the reason Harry has such great skin - no baby acne, cradle cap, nappy rash or dryness!! The best thing about it is its super cheap, easy to buy and so effective

What are your newborn essentials??

Harry at 4 Months

Thursday, 3 April 2014

For me Harry is at his best age so far, he is full of smiles, laughs and is a joy to be around! I can play with him properly, read books with him and he reaches out to things he wants and will easily grasp them!

Weight: Harry is now a whopping 16lb 3 and he is certainly a bit of a unit, however he has dropped off of his line slightly so is only just in the 75th percentile - I am more than happy with this as he is a growing lad!! 

Daily: Harry is in a proper napping routine and will have one pretty much after 2 - 2.5 hours of being awake. I thought this wasn't very long for a baby of his age to be awake for, but a lot of his baby pals seem to be very similar. 
I have found that Harry is rather ratty and grumbly if we stay in all day at the house so I have been trying to keep as busy as possible and leave the house everyday, even if it's just for a walk or a trip to the shops for milk. I started to find it really hard being alone with a baby all the time as well this month (I felt like I was going loopy and got really lonely) so I'm going to start going to a few baby groups when I find something I like the sound of!

Bedtime: For just over a week now our little gem has been sleeping through! It's incredible and I never thought it would happen after weeks of constant waking up at 4am for no particular reason at all! He goes to bed between 7 and half 7 after a warm bath and his milky drink and will get himself off to sleep shortly after. We do occasionally hear a couple of moans from him in the night but we have learnt not to go into him and he soon soothes himself back to sleep. I have now put a couple of teddies and a comforter in there with him which seem to have really helped - we often catch him chatting to them in the morning!
He will generally wake up between half 6 and 7 and is ok to wait 15 mins or so before we go into him. Sometimes I'll go and turn his light in and he'll play with his mobile for a bit before letting us know that he's huuuuuungryyyy!!

Eating: Milk isn't top of Harry's list anymore and he is more into fruity porridge!! He has a whole 7oz bottle in the morning when he wakes and then a nice helping of his porridge to wash it down! He still feeds every 4 hours but never really a cries for his milk anymore. We also give him some "tea" around half 5 which again is just a helping of porridge with a couple of ounces of water - this is when he started sleeping though after we decided dinner would be included in his day! He still drinks his bedtime bottle (approx 6 ounces) and will pretty much sleep through with occasional 4-5am moans but nothing crazy
I have just started cooking up Harry's next foods, fruit and veg purees, so I will be posting all about that very soon!

Clothing: 0-3 month clothes are well and truly out of the question now which makes me sad!! Little H is not so little anymore and fits nicely into his 3-6 month outfits. I still dress Harry in leggings most of the time as they are just so comfy and he can roll and wiggle about easily in them - I think baby jeans and chinos are really tight and restrictive on him, does anyone else find that?
I get most of his clothes at the moment from Next, Mothercare and Gap as they have some really nice patterns and colours in for his age

Harry can easily hold his head up now and can sit really well with some support
He also has super strong legs, freakishly strong in fact, and he can stand with us just holding him very loosely!!!
He can roll over but is very selective as to when he does it
He can pretty much hold his water bottle with handles and tries ever so hard to get the teat to his mouth!!

Hearing: This last one has been a difficult one for us as it really hit us that Harry is deaf.. We've had some really down days where we have found it so hard to be positive and just both felt so frustrated that we can't just fix his little ears!
Hazza has some new more powerful hearing aids that our audiologist is confident will give him access to some sound and lo and behold Harry jumped when I dropped a plate this week and also when the front door slammed! Little things like this really give us huge hope for the future!
Harry has a big test in June when he will be 6 months old, to really see if the hearing aids are working for him or if we need to explore other options. For now though we just need to continue to stimulate him with sound and vision as much as we possibly can to keep up his development

I would love to hear about what your 4 month old is up to?!

Happy Mothers Day!

Sunday, 30 March 2014

A quick post today, before I spend the day with my beautiful little family! I just wanted to say a HUGE Happy Mother's Day to all my readers and friends! You're all fabulous!!!

This week I asked you what the best thing about being a mummy is and here are some of my favourites..

Sarah & Albie
 I love that Albie will always be my little mate, well until heeets a girl I don't like and he threatens to move out!!

Hannah and Ethan
Having a best friend for life and someone that looks up to you no matter what :-)

Kayleigh & Albie
Feeling that I now have my purpose in life, what I was put here on this earth to do.. Be a mummy! #nothingcompares

Hannah & Grayson
There are so many.. But when Grayson smiles at me for no reason at all I could actually pop with love!

Emma & Aria
When Aria smiles in her sleep, cutest thing ever! #mummylove

Kirsty, Maireid & Emily
The unconditional love they give you everyday and also from a mum of a special needs baby continues to amaze me in what she achieves against all odds 

Lauren & Oscar
Their unconditional love, no matter how rough I look him still saying "you look beautiful today mummy"
Even if I've told him off 20 times in one day still getting "night mummy love you a million and one"
No matter how many times I tell him he can't do something just becuase his friends are, still being told "you're the best mummy god made"

Hayley & Maxwell
The best thing is finally realising what love really means

Suzie, Lily & Isabel
My girls can make any moment special.  To see them learn, grow, smile, laugh and even cry can make any moment memorable!

Gemma, Casper & Dexter
You can honestly say you will never be alone again and how much they maker laugh!

Jackie, Greg & Craig
These 2 handsome sons! Through good or bad times we always have eachother and I love them to bits!!

Gemma & Corey
Even the tiniest smile from your bubs can make the biggest of problems all disappear

Me & Harry
Going into him every morning to be greeted with the biggest most loving
smile! Watching him grow into such a beautiful little cheeky character! Knowing that even though he can't hear me tell him, he knows that I love him more than anything in the world - he is so precious

Here's a little video from Pink Lining with what Mothers Day means to them!

Have a fantastic day Mummy's! 

Giveaway: Baby and Toddler Show 2014 Tickets

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Whether you're expectant parents after that all important travel system, about to move onto weaning and seeking out the perfect highchair or you simply just love to window shop for your little one - the Baby and Toddler Show 2014 is where you will find all this and more!

The event takes place at Glow, Bluewater in Kent over the 25th - 27th of April and is jam packed full of familiar brands as well as lots of new ones and those you won't find on the highstreet!  You can kit your nursery/baby/toddler/husband out in all the latest gear and get some top notch advice from a whole panel of experts, just waiting to spill the beans on nutrition, baby development and that all important sleep!
There is also plenty of entertainment for the kiddiwinks including sensory classes as well as a ton of free baby changing facilities, making shopping a rare stress-free experience

With their latest show only weeks away I am delighted to be able to giveaway 2 free tickets!!
Not only am I giving away tickets but I also have a 33% discount code for those of you who might miss out on winning them - just enter code BWB31 at the checkout!

Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below, the giveaway closes on 16th April and the winner will be chosen at random and announced shortly after!

Good luck!! X

Boots Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Monday, 24 March 2014

With Mother's Day just around the corner I know many of you yummy mummy's will be eyeing up a few treats you are hoping to have presented to you whilst you are kicking back and relaxing on the sofa for the day (yeah right)!  Here are a few things I have been lusting after in case you are stuck for ideas for what to buy your/a mum!

One gift you can't really go wrong with is fragrance and Prada Candy £67.50 for 80ml is one of my faves! It's such a feminine floral smell which is perfect for day and night
The Anti- Blemish Clinical Clearing Kit £20 from Clinique is perfect for stressed out hormonal mummy skin which a lot of us suffer from, and Boots are offering a free gift when you buy 2 or more Clinique products until 29th of March!

Us mummy's also suffer from dry skin since all our time is dedicated to our babies and not on our skincare regime! Therefore the Hydraluron Moisture Booster £16.66 from Indeed Labs is a real essential to helps keep us hydrated and reduce the need for us to constantly moisturise! Its also on sale from its usual price of £24.99

I am all about candles, I find them really relaxing and the Yankee Candle in Vanilla Cupcake £19.99 is my top scent right now! It smells complete delicious but it does unfortunately always give me cravings for a sweet treat!!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water £4.99 is a complete dupe for the much loved Bioderma Crealine and is fantastic for removing makeup quickly and it's super gentle on your skin. It's also a really quick way to cleanse your skin which is fab for mums who are rushing to get to bed to catch some extra z's!!

Being a mum to a newborn (can I still call him that?!) I don't often get a chance to paint my nails so this SensatioNail Gel Manicure Starter Kit £45 would be the perfect gift! It includes a Pro 3060 LED Lamp which cures nails in seconds!

What are you hoping to open on Mothers Day??

Harry's Weaning Journey: Baby Rice

Monday, 17 March 2014

At 15 and a bit weeks we decided that it was time to start giving Harry something other than just formula. Actually it was more Harry's decision than ours as he was quite frankly just plain bored of milk! He started becoming very difficult to feed after only 3 or 4 ounces which resulted in him not really taking enough in and getting hungry wayyyy before his next feed was due. He had also started to really watch us when we were eating and drinking - another sign that your baby could be ready to start weaning. He can also hold his head up very well and sit in a supportive chair quite comfortably. The guidelines are still to hold off weaning until 6 months but there is no way out little chap would wait until that long, plus my parents started us off at Harry's age and we all turned out fine. If any of the food doesn't agree with him then I simply won't give it to him for a while and try again another time

The first stage of our weaning journey is baby rice.. Probably the least exciting thing I have ever tasted (yes that's right I tasted it, if it's going in my little boys mouth I decided I need to try it first!!) We have gone for the Aptamil Organic Baby Rice mainly because it's the same brand as his formula so it seems to make sense to follow suit.
We tried to give it to him before his early morning bottle at 7am but the first spoonful did not go down well, he cringed and cried a bit so we gave him a couple of spoonfuls between gulps of milk which seemed to work a lot better and he started to enjoy it! None of it was spat out at all once he got the hang of how to "chew" and swallow it!

If you are thinking of starting the weaning process you will need a few bits of equipment.. Nothing fancy don't worry!
We have a couple of packs of weaning spoons, I find the soft tip ones are the best. Some storage pots and bowls in various sizes, all with lids making them perfect for travel and all microwave safe. We also have little freezer storage pots for when I start making Harry's food, these are fantastic as they are the perfect portion size so you're less likely to waste food.

I will be giving him baby rice with his early morning bottle for a couple of weeks and trying it with his afternoon bottle too, then after this I will introduce other flavours. I went out and bought Annabel Karmel's weaning book upon Sarah's recommendation for when we get started on the proper food! It is jam packed full of information, tips and recipes and has a meal planner which I will try to follow! I can't wait to see what flavours and textures Harry likes best!!

BEABA Lotus Bath Thermometer

Monday, 10 March 2014

Harry is all about baths! He absolutely loves that time of day when he gets to be naked, free and most importantly splashing about in the tub!

One thing I was super nervous about before giving Harry his first bath was the temperature, and how on earth I would know if it was too hot or too cold for my precious baby boy. I had read that the best way to check this is to simply dip your elbow into the water, but for me this just didn't cut it! So when I was given the chance to try out the BEABA Lotus Bath Thermometer I was delighted and knew right away this was a product I was going to love!

The thermometer floats like a lotus as the name suggests and has an electric probe on the bottom that tests the temperature at the hottest point if the water. The perfect temp for your baby's bath is between 36 and 38 degrees Celsius, so we always make sure it is between those temperatures.
You can also use the Lotus Bath Thermometer to gauge the temperature of the bathroom by just popping it on the side of the bath tub, the recommended temperature is 22 degrees Celsius so your bubba is nice and toasty when you take them out of the water!

This combined with our BEABA Bath Recliner means bath time for us is now completely worry free, meaning my Harry is a very happy and warm little chap!

You can find a retailer to buy your own Lotus Bath Thermometer on the BEABA website, or follow them on Twitter or Facebook

Do you worry about the temperature of your little ones bath?? Does your baby love baths as much as Harry??
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