Friday, 30 August 2013

The Third Trimester

Jesus, where did the time go!?
I cannot believe I am now in the third trimester and 7 months pregnant!!  At times the pregnancy has felt like its dragging but now looking back I can't believe how fast it is speeding by.

We have SO much to do and prepare, including moving house, decorating said house and buying a million items for Harry's arrival.  This is all pretty stressful for a normal non-preggo lady so as you can imagine I'm freaking out a little having to do all this whilst carrying a huge ball of water and baby inside me!!

For me, the third trimester definitely feels very suddenly different from the second one and here is a few of the symptoms I am experiencing, and some that have actually disappeared!

Fatigue - Extreme tiredness hit me around week 26 and hasn't budged since.  Some days are better than others, my worst days usually being Sundays as I spend Saturdays out and about and on my feet so the next day I feel pretty pooped!
I have found that giving in to the tiredness is sometimes the only way to help!  If your body wants to nap at 11am then let it!  However I know its not practical to nap at your desks (damn) so I find eating little healthy snacks keep my energy levels just about up enough to get me through the day.  A smoothie in the morning, nuts and little chunks of cheese are amongst my snacks

Sciatica - I have posted about this horrible symptom here and you can read more about it on the What to Expect When You're Expecting website here

Dodgy Tummy - Also around the 26 week mark I started to get a bit of a dodgy tummy, I haven't had the dreaded constipation yet but mine was the opposite (sorry TMI)  I have heard this is really common in the third trimester and eating natural yoghurt's and toast can help to ease it

Constant need to pee! - I am literally bursting for the loo 24/7 but when I come to go its like a teeny tiny trickle!!  This is due to the pressure your baby and uterus is putting on your bladder which makes it feel a lot fuller than it actually is and therefore making your body think you need to empty it ASAP!

Big Kicks- Now Harry is getting a lot bigger and running out of space in there I am feeling some VERY hard kicks!  I can feel every moment he makes now and if he decides to have a little roll around or do some flips it can be quite painful as he is kicking/punching out all over the place!

Rib pain - Where my uterus is now the size of a basketball it is really pushed right up against my ribcage and I often get some pretty hard kicks there too!  This causes an agonising burning sensation that is only helped by me laying down flat and stretching my arms up!  I don't know if this is common in everyone as I think it may affect shorter people more due to having shorter bodies?!

Heartburn - I have had heartburn pretty much the whole of the pregnancy (HAIRY BABY!!!??)  I have pretty much just got used to it now and a swig of Gaviscon or a glass of cold milk helps to settle it down
Baby Brain - I used to think baby brain was total rubbish but now I definitely think it is real!!!!  I seem to have the same conversation 3 times at the moment according to friends and family! I am totally forgetful and I am finding it hard to process any information properly!  No cure for this one I'm afraid..

Nosebleeds have stopped - I was pretty much having a nosebleed once or twice a day but these have completely stopped!  I think most people get them more in the third trimester as your blood flow increases again, so that's a bit weird!!

No swelling.. yet - I haven't had any water retention or swelling in any of my limbs yet at all and I am SO thankful for that as I know its very common.  I am still expecting it to happen as I get heavier but so far its not been an issue for me

You can read more about what symptoms you may get during the third trimester here on the What to Expect When You're Expecting website 

What symptoms did you have in the third trimester??

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Pregnancy Survival: Skin Saviours

My biggest complaint during the entire pregnancy thus far has been my skin.  It has gone from relatively clear and normal to dry, itchy, spotty and blotchy!

This is all down to hormones and I know there isn't much you can do about the pesky things during pregnancy, however I think I have finally found a few products that are finally working for me and making my skin behave a little better

Savlon Antiseptic Cream £2.18 from Boots
Savlon - I read on a pregnancy blog (I cant remember which one dammit) that Savlon, used instead of your regular moisturiser in the evenings, can really help to clear up breakouts during pregnancy.  This is apparently down to the antiseptic element in it.  I had been using E45 cream as this was the only thing that would sooth my dryness but I must admit I don't think it helped at all with my preggo acne.  I have switched to Savlon for the last 2 weeks now and I have noticed a vast improvement in my skin.  Its no longer blotchy or dry and my spots are clearing up so much quicker!! I wouldn't say its preventing them from appearing but when they do they are soothed quicker with a dab of this stuff. The best thing about Savlon is that its super cheap and readily available in most shops

Origins Super Spot Remover Gel £14 from Boots
Origins Super Spot Remover - This product has been hyped about SO damn much in the beauty blogging world but its something I have never really bothered trying before as I didn't tend to get many spots.  I now own my own little bottle and I am soooooo happy I have it!!  Just a teeny tiny blob of this stuff on each individual spot will almost eliminate them!  It instantly feels very drying on the area and it reduces the redness almost immediately   I use it at night only and the next morning the spot will be at least half the size, if not gone completely.  Its not the cheapest product out there at £14 but its certainly one of the best and it will last you ages

Superfacialist Tea Flower Pore Purifying Clay Mask £5.99 from Boots
Superfacialist by Una Brennan Pore Purifying Mask - I mentioned this amazing clay mask in one of my pregnancy favourites posts here and its still going strong as one of my fave preggo skin saviours

I would highly recommend all of the above products as I have tried and tested them myself, however do bear in mind that everybody's skin is different and what works for me might not work for you

Do you suffer from pregnancy acne?? 


Friday, 23 August 2013

28 Week Update

How far along?  28 weeks - well and truly in the third trimester!

Total weight gain:  I have FINALLY weighed myself.. but now I wish I kind of didn't!  I have put on over 1 and a half stone!  I looked at a preggo weight tracker online and it actually said I am bang on what I should be at this stage, but still looking at the scales and seeing it isn't exactly the best feeling in the world!  My bump has definitely grown this week as well and is becoming rather heavy!  I was measured yesterday at my midwife appointment and the bump is 27cm which is just fine :)

Maternity clothes?  No new maternity clothes.. I am finding it hard to find anything that looks remotely flattering again! I kind of wish it wasn't hot anymore so I can just wear maternity jeans and cute knits or something

Stretch marks?  Still using the Mama Mio boob lift treatment which I LOVE (review here) so none on my boobs, however I had a weird itchy rash on either side if my bump which i thought was the start of stretch marks, but this has disappeared today.  Still using Palmer Original Formula Cocoa Butter on my tummy and thighs

Sleep:  Sleep has been golden since I got my back sorted.. more on that below!  I have woken up a few times this week with a dead arm though which is weird!?

Best moment this week:  I saw an amazing osteopath for my sciatica and he sorted it out completely!  I felt like a new woman almost immediately and I am no longer waddling at all or crying in pain!  I would highly recommend seeing an osteopath if you are having back trouble, SPD or sciatica as it is worth the money and you are likely to only need 1 session.  If you live in Hampshire let me know and I will give you the details of where I went

Worst moment this week:  Our house buy has been delayed again and it is seriously draining the life out of me.  I have never been so stressed out!! We now don't even have a timescale for when we will move and I am terrified we won't have the house in time for Harry's arrival

Miss anything?  I miss being not stressed out!!

Movement: Harry-bump is still super active!  Its so fun to watch his little limbs sticking out or move across my belly from one side to the other!  I had my 28 week midwife appointment and he was kicking her like crazy when she was feeling my tummy and listening to his heartbeat.  Its so nice to have such an active and quite clearly happy baby! We also took our bump to the movies last night and he went MENTAL in there it actually bece quite painful! I think the loud noises either scared him or stimulated him to bounce around! Either way he definitely knackered himself out as I didn't get woken up by kicks in the night for the first time in a while! 

Food cravings:  Again nothing in particular this week and I still haven't got much of an appetite - very unlike me!

Anything making you queasy or sick:  I am still suffering from horrible nausea.  I think Harry is bouncing around so much its making my tummy confused about whether I am full or hungry!

Gender: Boy!!

Labor signs: None

Symptoms:  My energy levels aren't too bad since my back has been fixed, probably because I am sleeping better. My skin is not so spotty this week as I have started using a little Savlon on my face and I've found this is helping to clear it up quicker 

Belly button in or out?  Flat/slightly in!  I wonder if it will ever actually pop out!?

Happy or moody most of the time?  I am happy.. but apprehensive about not being moved in before our little boy enters the world

Looking forward to:  Getting a move date..!!



Thursday, 22 August 2013

Throwback Thursday

Me as a baby

Mr H as a baby


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Breastfeeding Debate

Breastfeeding. One of the biggest debates out there for mothers!  Do I? Don't I?  Am I a bad mum if I don't?  Will I be able to do it?
These are all questions I asked myself when I sat down to decide if breastfeeding is something I want to try or not

Now I have made a decision and I am pretty much sticking to it as I feel its the best thing for me and for my baby, however I do not want my opinion to affect any other ladies in making their decision and I think everybody has their own personal preference, and that's perfectly fine!

I have decided that I won't be breastfeeding our baby.  There are a few reasons why not..

Commitment - Not only have you just carried a baby in your belly for 9 months and gone through childbirth but you're also expected to breastfeed and go through the sometimes agonising pain of that for another good few months or even a year.  For me it just feels like a massive added pressure that could be avoided.  You also need to spend time expressing and that's another thing I am not keen on

The Feeling of Failure - I know a few mums who have attempted to breastfeed and either really disliked the feeling or the baby just would not latch on.  I know how upsetting that can be and its not something I want to put myself or my baby through, if for some reason I couldn't do it.. I hate failing at anything!!!

Sore Boobs - Breastfeeding is likely to make your boobs and nipples so sore.. ouchie.

Less Help - Mr H wouldn't be able to be so involved in feeding time with Harry as obviously he does not have breasts!!  I know this is something he wants to be able to do and it would take a little bit of the pressure off of me.  Friends and Family also love giving feeds to new babies and it will be good again to get some help from them, which you may not be able to accept whilst breastfeeding

Less Convenient - Lets face it its totally not convenient to have to stop off on a car journey to whip your boob out for a quick feed and even less so in a restaurant or a trip at the park

Formula is a Great Substitute -  I have done so much research and found that formula these days is such a great substitute for breast milk so it doesn't really worry me that Harry won't be getting those vital nutrients that his body craves.  I have also found that Aptimil seems to be the best brand amongst bottle feeding mothers and is recommended by midwives and doctors (only if you get a nice one) so this is what I am going to try Harry on to start with

Now obviously there are some down sides of me not breastfeeding and I did take them into serious consideration..

Not Best For Baby - Obviously the main concern was that breast milk is no doubt the best thing you can give your baby in terms of nutrition.  Its also said to help their immune systems whilst growing up and also cure any skin problems they may suffer

Won't Lose Baby Weight - Breastfeeding mothers tend to shed their baby weight almost immediately and this is a down side for me as I would love to get my figure back as soon as possible!!

Can Be More Convenient - On the other side of convenience, it can sometimes be more convenient to breast feed as bottle warming/making facilities are not always available in every location you may be in or you may run out of milk on your adventures!!

Breastfeeding is Free - Baby formula comes with a hefty price tag at almost £10 a tub and you can rarely find it cheaper than that.  Breast milk won't cost you a penny!

Contraception - Breastfeeding is said to be a natural contraceptive!

I Might Regret It - I may really regret not trying to breastfeed Harry.. but I figure I will most likely have another baby in the future and the option is there for then!

What are your thoughts on breastfeeding/bottle feeding??  What will you choose? 

Saturday, 17 August 2013

27 Week Update

How far along?  27 weeks.. Entering that scary third trimester!!

Total weight gain:  I don't feel any bigger this week at all but Harry feels bigger inside of me! 

Maternity clothes?  Nothing new again. Mr H took me to town in the week to treat me to something nice to wear as I've been feeling really crappy and there wasn't a single thing about in any of the maternity sections that was half decent! I really think there is a huge niche in the market out there for a fashionable and affordable maternity brand

Stretch marks?  Still no stretch marks...yet! I really like the Palmers Original Cocoa Butter Forumula at the moment and I have been using it every single day as often as possible. I've also been using a boob lifting treatment from Mama Mio which I have reviewed here 

Sleep:  Sleep isn't so good as I am finding it very hard to get myself into a comfortable position and to stay in it for long periods of time and every time I move in my sleep I am waking up from back pain!

Best moment this week:  This week hasn't been great for me as i have felt really rubbish and had a lot of pain! However we had a really lovely day out to Monkey World which was definitely a highlight of the week :-)

Worst moment this week:  I have sciatica! It is the worst pain I have ever had (surely labour can't be worse!?) it's so common in the later stages of pregnancy as the uterus and baby are getting so big they are putting immense pressure on your sciatic nerve - located between your buttocks near your tailbone. The worst thing about it is there is really not a lot you can do to ease the pain so this has been really getting me down the last few days, I just don't feel myself 

Miss anything?  Nothing food or drink wise but I do miss my energy and my back not hurting!

Movement: So much movement in there! He loves A wriggle! Mr H can hear things going on in there now when he presses his ear against my belly which is amazing for him, as its something he can do that I can't to bond with our little bump!

Food cravings:  Nothing this week at all! In fact I have lost my appetite a little

Anything making you queasy or sick:  I have had nausea again this week most days!

Gender: Boy!!

Labor signs: None

Symptoms:  Nothing other than the agonising sciatica! I can barely walk today!

Belly button in or out?  In and out.. So weird!

Happy or moody most of the time?  Definitely a moody week.. Or emotional week! The pain in my back is making me cry! 

Looking forward to:  really looking forward to leaving work now! I need to just relax relax relax! OH and moving house.. Lol 



Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Pregnancy Survival: Make-up Tutorial from Pixiwoo

Just a quick one today.. I thought I would share this amazing make-up tutorial from the lovely Nic at Pixiwoo

The tutorial shows you how to get that Kate Middleton pregnancy "glow" and I think its GREAT!!!!

Enjoy xx


Monday, 12 August 2013

Product Review: Mama Mio Boob Tube*

Defy gravity and treasure your chest..

I love the tag line on Mama Mio's Boob Tube Bust and Neck Firmer*  as one thing I worry about in pregnancy is how my breasts are going to look at the end of it!  Maybe a small thing to worry about and its possibly a little vain but every woman wants to look half normal during and after pregnancy right?

Mama Mio Boob Tube

This little wonder product is that good it has a celebrity following, including the likes of Victoria Beckham and Jessica Alba, so I had a feeling I was really going to like the product too!

I wasn't wrong.  This little wonder cream is amazing!  I have been using a blob of the stuff every day now for 3 weeks and my boobs and décolletage has never looked so good (if ido say so myself)
The antioxidant cream works like a face lift.. it smooths and firms the skin dramtically changing the texture.  After 2 weeks of using this I had a totally different chest!!  My skin is smooth, moisturised and the skin feels somewhat plumper than before. I can only imagine the wonders it does for the skin post-partum and I cannot wait to use Boob Tube then

This bust and neck firmer boasts a heap of luxury ingredients, including CoQ10, Evening Primrose Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Dandelion Root and Shea Butter - which helps gives it its divine sweet but fresh scent.  The product isn't too thick or too thin, its consistency literally melts immediately into the skin 
OH and it is also perfectly safe to use whilst breastfeeding for all you mummy's out there and I have also heard that this can be used on your face to give you similar results there!

I also love how the product comes with a little Breast Aware leaflet and a guide for how to check your breasts as this is something every woman should be aware of and know how to examine themselves

You can buy Mama Mio's Boob Tube here for £29.50 as well as a whole bunch of other yummy products - I literally want to buy the entire range now!!

Have you tried any boob lifting and firming treatments??

*PR Sample

Friday, 9 August 2013

26 Week Update

How far along?  26 weeks and 1 day! EEK (i think i will eek every week now lol)

Total weight gain:  Bump is growing all the time!  Still just outwards! I'm going to fall over any day now

Maternity clothes?  Nothing new.  I purchased a few non-maternity things last weekend just to spruce myself up a bit.. they won't fit for long but I figure they will fit me again one day!  I am loving Zara right now they have some amazing pieces in there. I had a bit of a meltdown today though.. Nothing to wear and I felt crap and my hair wouldn't go right! I cried.

Stretch marks?  None but I can feel my skin stretching and its really really itchy now which makes me think they must be on the horizon.  I have been having baths with a few drops of Bio Oil in which makes me skin feel lush and using the Original Cocoa Butter Formula morning and night. I have this quite deep purple little tiny mark above my belly button that I think is a stretch mark developing :-( but it may just be a vein I can't really tell! 

Sleep:  Yep the tiredness is well and truly back.  I am just constantly exhausted and find i can't stand for long periods of time anymore!  Everything feels like an effort and a chore and I hate it!! I am usually quite an energised person and I am just so sleepy :-(

Best moment this week:  Last weekend a lovely friend of mine had a house warming party and it was really good to see everyone, including Sarah from Bump, Baby C and Me !  I never get bored of talking about babies and it was quite funny to watch everyone deteriorate via alcohol!  Sarah and I also had a teeny sneaky glass of Verve Clique which went down a treat!!

Worst moment this week:  Being told i STILL have the bladder infection!! Its driving me up the wall.  I feel fine and have no symptoms of it in the slightest but my urine samples keep coming back infected.  I hate taking all these anti-bitotics as I feel like I shouldn't be taking anything in case it harms Harry (even though the doctors have assured me they won't)  
I am also feeling quite moody this week.. my hormones are all over the show and my skin is not playing ball! I feel ugly and grose and just want to curl up and cry :-(

Miss anything?  I miss my skin being spotless!!!!

Movement: Harry is constantly on the move so the other day when i didn't feel a single kick until lunchtime i was freaking out!  I think this is pretty natural for a mother-to-be and it drives me up the wall! I can't wait till he is born so at last I only have to look at him to know he is ok!
Harry also decided to kick me particular hard at 6am on Saturday morning which was not ideal! I was suddenly so awake and had to wait another 3 hours to get up so I didn't disturb Mr H!

Food cravings:  Terrys Choc Orange again and my super friend Jennie bought me a whole one this week that I indulged in this weekend!!!!

Anything making you queasy or sick:  I have actually been feeling nauseas all week, a little like how I felt in the first trimester.  I am not at all sure why but thinking it may be hormone related or maybe Harry is laying funny!?  Who knows!

Gender: Boy!!

Labor signs: None

Symptoms:  My back is hurting a lot now :( it's becoming a little unbearable! Definitely due to the weight on my front, it doesn't seem particularly evenly distributed!  I have also been woken up to horrendous cramp in my legs which is so not fun!
My tummy is super itchy and nothing seems to help that
As mentioned I have felt really nauseous this week which has put me off food a little

Belly button in or out?  Pretty much the same as it has been the last few weeks!  I am wondering if it will actually pop out or just stay flat now!

Happy or moody most of the time?  I must admit I have been mainly moody this week :( which I hate saying when I am so blessed to be preggo!!! So I do apologise for this update as its probably my most miserable one to date

Looking forward to:  I'm not even going to say it because you all must know by now what it is...
OH and I am also looking forward to Sarah from Bump, Baby C and Me's baby shower next weekend!! Woop woop! 



Wednesday, 7 August 2013


It looks to me like there is a new wave of baby goodies in the shops at the moment... Autumn/Winter things!  Yayyy!  This makes me happy as I have had to resist buying most of the bits I have seen so far as they were all summery tshirts and short sleeved clothes that would not be good for little Harry in the Winter when he is due!

Here is a wishlist of baby bits that I am loving right now!

1.  Fair Isle Jumper £21.00 JoJo Maman bébé - This is the CUTEST baby jumper ever ever ever and I must have it!!!  Harry will be here by Xmas so he will defo need this little festive jumper to get him in the Christmas spirit!!

2.  Panda Sleepsuit & Hat £7 from Next and MonoChrome Sleepsuits & Hats £11 from Next - I love Next baby clothes, they are always really good quality and great value.  They have a new monochrome/panda themed range which i totally adore and these are just some of the bits from the collection that I will get

3.  Quilted Sweatshirt £6 Tesco F&F -  This adorable little jumper will be perfect for the cold outings Harry and I will endure.  Again this is Tesco F & F which does some of the best baby clothes I have seen and for amazing value

4.  Elephant Bookends £17.50 Not On The Highstreet - Here come the elephants again!  i am totally obsessed!  These bookends would look so good in the nursery (which I am obviously yet to paint).  Not On The Highstreet has some amazing bits, so do check it out if you like to get something that no one else is likely to have!

5.  Elephant Scratch Mitts £6 The Little White Company - Jesus i could go bankrupt just looking at The Little White Company website!! Everything on there has a pretty hefty price tag but I do know its beautiful quality clothing.  These teeny tiny scratch mitts are perfect for my elephant obsession and are a good price at £6

6.  Ceramic Elephant Lamp £24.99 Mothercare - A friend sent me a pic of this lamp whilst shopping the other day as she knew I would love it, and she was not wrong!  I am defo lusting after this one for the nursery!!

7.  Panda Jacket £18 from Next - Another piece from the monochrome Next range and it is TOO cute!  I am a sucker for animal related clothing and this little jacket will be perfect for the Winter months with Harry

Have you seen any nice winter clothes or other cute baby things recently??


Thursday, 1 August 2013

25 Week Update

How far along?  25 weeks and 1 
day! OMG this feels a little like a milestone for me, not sure why but 25 weeks just seems like a lot!!  Only 15 weeks to go - TERRIFYING! 

Total weight gain:  I feel pretty much the same as I did last week but bump has grown a little, mainly just outwards (I am probably going to topple over at this rate sometime soon if it carries on this way)

Maternity clothes?  Still nothing new, I am hoping I won't really have to buy anything else as what I have bought should allow for some growth and if it doesn't then work better get used to me coming in in my dressing gown..

Stretch marks?  None yet.  I am so paranoid that they are going to make an appearance soon as it does feel like the skin on my tummy is a little sore!!?  Using up the last of my Mama Mio Tummy Rub this week though which is highly upsetting as it has been fabulous!  I have used the Cocoa Butter Original formula a few times this week (the hard stuff that turns oily in your hands) and I have found its actually lovely on your bump and sinks in really well.  It makes your skin feel really firm as well as moisturised and of course it smells gorge 

Sleep:  I am feeling really tired again now which really really sucks as I need all the energy I can get for when we move house (if we ever bloody get an exchange date ggrr) Again I am hoping the tiredness is just down to a very busy, stressful week of work and a couple of late nights 

Best moment this week:  Mr H's sister showed us some VERY cute little gifts she has bought for Harry (which I was meant to look at and then forget I had seen whoops) but they are so so cute and it is making me excited for seeing all of the lovely things we get and what we have bought for him!

Worst moment this week:  Nothing really bad with pregnancy, the bladder infection seems to have gone which is great news.  Work has been horrid though and I actually can't wait for the break from it now!

Miss anything?  I don't think I really miss anything this week you know!

Movement: The little bugger is going to be a gymnast I think as it feels like he is constantly on the move!  Hes started to keep me awake at night now as he feels its acceptable to start doing almighty kicks at 11pm when Mummy is trying to drift off!!  When I am at work he keeps moving his whole body right up to the top of my uterus so he is practically under my boobs which feels really really weird and totally uncomfortable!  I am so happy that he moves a lot though as this helps me not to worry about him and I know there are other preggo ladies out there who are dying to feel their babies move

Food cravings:  Cold Coke and again I can't drink it now because of the bladder infections!!!  Waaaaaah!  I also keep wanting to eat stilton on burgers like everyday

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nothing!

Gender: Boy!!

Labor signs: None

Symptoms:  Again, back ache and not being able to get comfortable.  Scott and I have started to try and go for a walk every evening now as I think this will help my back and keep me active, laying around all the time doesn't really help!
I don't know why I haven't mentioned this before as it has been a symptom through my whole pregnancy so far, and that is nose bleeds!! I have had TONS!  Probably at least once a day my nose will bleed and its grose!  Apparently this is perfectly normal and its to do with all the extra blood circulating around your body.  Does anyone else have this??

Belly button in or out?  Still slightly in and slightly flat

Happy or moody most of the time?  Happy most of the time but quite moody too as I am just so tired!!

Looking forward to:  Still can't wait to move house and it feels like its really dragging on :(  I hope it doesn't take too much longer as I really want to be able to decorate and build furniture and shop for things!


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