Sunday, 24 November 2013

Still Pregnant.. (41 Week Update)

Oh hi there! Yes, that's right it's Lucie & The Bump - still a bump and not a baby!!!
This will be a very brief 41 week update as 1. I am knackered 2. It's quite pointless telling you things like cravings and symptoms and whether or not I'm in maternity clothes for this week and 3. I am saving the in depth detail for my birth story (if it ever gets here)

So since my last update I have been in and out of early labour and I can safely say that this week has been the hardest and worst week of my life EVER!!
It turns out the sweep I had may have caused me more grief than it was worth.  It could have actually put me in a lot of pain and even kick started contractions but in fact my cervix just wasn't ready enough go the full way yet!
I have spent most nights wide awake with extreme back pain, stomach aches and contractions as well as a couple of trips to the hospital - I promise I will go into more detail when I publish my birth story

So here I am, snuggled up with Mr H with a naughty Harry all cosy and warm still in my belly, where he seems insistent on staying! I'm pain free for now and able to sleep and I am happy to stay that way, so there will be no more sweeps for Lucie!!!

I am booked in to have my waters broken on Thursday 28th November and to be induced if our little boy decides to not make his way out himself before then!

Thank you so much for all the lovely messages, tweets and comments I really appreciate everyone's well wishes and their interest in Harry's arrival!! 
I guess this waiting makes us just even more excited to meet him ourselves, and he will be showered with so much love and affection when we finally get to see his face!!


  1. So glad your back to being pain free and able to rest :) it won't be long now either way. Then he can be laid all comfy with mummy, but outside the womb! Best of luck, crossing my fingers for you xx

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  3. Good luck Lucie! He'll arrive soon enough, being 11 days overdue with Oscar, I know exactly how you feel :-) I hope things get started sooner for you, Oscar decided to arrive the day before I was due to be induced hehe xx

  4. Than you Victoria it feels nice to not be in pain and more sane than I was last week!!! Cannot wait for his arrival :-) x

  5. Thanks Kat! Lots of people have said their babies arrived the day before induction lol! That would be just lovely! As long as he arrives safely now he can come whenever he likes!! X

  6. Baby H, get a move on. Luv

  7. Thanks Kerry!!! Eeek this time next weekend we will have him here to show everyone! X


  8. He will be here for cuddles soon Grandaddio! X

  9. Awww this will all be over with before you know it and you`ll have a lovely baby to snuggle. Hurry up Harry !!! xx

  10. Soo exciting!! Kept checking ur instagram hoping to see Baby Harry but no sign of him anywhere! LOL now i know why!! Not long now though, this will be more than worth it once he arrives :) Good Luck!!! xxxx

  11. Maybe he's just a laid back kind of guy like Scott! Or is he waiting until Christmas?
    Maybe a good curry will get him moving.
    Any way, good luck and I'm sure your bundle of joy will be there soon x - Si


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