Sunday, 10 November 2013

39 Week Update

How far along?  39 weeks and 1 day! Completely proved my midwife wrong as Harry is totally content in there!

Total weight gain:  No clue still but as promised I will weigh myself before the birth! I do feel extra big this week though and it's been really hard to get myself around, I generally need Mr H to pull me up from a sitting or laying posistion! I'm starting to find it highly frustrating and can see now why pregnant women are totally and utterly fed up by this stage!

Maternity clothes?  I haven't purchased anything new as I am hoping to be in skinnier clothes very soon, however I have been sent a couple of dresses from the Kate Thomas for ASOS range and I will show you what I think of those this week 

Stretch marks? Unbeleivably still none! I actually switched things up a tiny bit this week and instead of Palmers Cocoa Butter over been using Soap & Glory's Body Butter on my tummy and over my thighs. It actually really helped the dryness (not the itchiness though!) and my belly now feel super soft and smells pretty good too! I have still been using my Mama Mio Boob Tube (review here) which doesn't seem to be running out anytime soon even though I use it very single night!? Impressed. 

Sleep:  Sleep has gone rapidly down hill and I find my lower back, pelvis and tummy are quite sore after a couple of hours of sleep. By this time I also need to get up and go to the loo and it pretty much carries on like this until about 6-7am in 2 hour intervals! 

Best moment this week: We moved into our new home yesterday and it was the best feeling ever knowing that we can take our little baby boy home there! We spent our first evening eating am Indian takeaway and chocolate from the comfort of pink beanbags in from of X factor - it was perfect and I love my Mr H so so much for getting us in here in time!!!!

Worst Moment This Week: I haven't really had one!!!! 

Food cravings: Hazelnut hot chocolates of course.. And I was most impressed with Costa's Christmas cups!!

Miss anything?  I guess just my old body/self now!

Movement: This little bean is so active it's crazy! We did have one very queit day this week from him where I was a little bit concerned as he is usually wiggling around all over the place however normal service resumed early the next morning! Also Mr H was laying with his head next to my belly one night this week and Harry kicked him right in the face with a little foot!

Anything making you queasy or sick:  I have had random bouts of nausea this week but nothing too unbearable 

Gender: BOY!

Labour signs:  I don't think I have had any signs this week! He seems to be pretty snug in there! I wonder if he is waiting for our new sofas to arrive so he can make a mess!????? Hope not :-/

Symptoms:  Srill all the same symptoms as last week but a little bit more intense, so a lot of period pain like tummy aches, cramps and pressure in my pelvis.  The shooting pains are more frequent and I am now getting an aching in my lower back which I haven't had before
The rib pain is also still there! 
Heartburn again has been very random.. Some days none at all and others it's so bad it's making me gag!

Belly button in or out?  It's so flat like I never had a belly button!

Happy or moody most of the time? I'm happy but pretty fed up of pregnancy now!!

Looking forward to:  Harry's arrival!!! It finally feels like we can be excited for it and not apprehensive that our house won't be ready! We are even setting up his steriliser today so everything is ready for him!!




  1. You look great! I can't imagine what it's like at 39 weeks because I'm only 28 and I'm already finding hard to toll over and get up. It's great that you made it into your new home and I hope you're really happy there. It must have been pretty stressful getting everything ready. I'm finding it hard to find the time just to sort the nursery! 60 hour weeks aren't helping. I'm looking forward to seeing the asos dresses. I keep telling myself I'm not going to buy anything else but it's so frustrating feeling like I have nothing to wear, especially when I need to be smart for work each day. Best if luck with everything. I hope your little boy maled am appearance soon. X

  2. Looking gorgeous as always! He could literally be here anytime now, so exciting. I hope he doesn't do what my little man did and stay in there an extra 11 days past his due date, I felt absolutely MASSIVE! So pleased for you that you're in your new house :-) xx

    Curls & Swirls Beauty Blog

  3. Very excited for you all. Sounds likes everything has come together at the right time. Si

  4. You look amazing! I have been following your blog since september and always look forward to new updates. I can't believe this time has finally come. I was actually relieved (as I'm sure you were too) that your midwife was wrong and your baby didn't come while you guys were in the middle of moving! I'm so glad you are all settled in and ready for him to arrive. I also must admit that I practically stalk your twitter in hopes that you will make a quick update when you go into labor. I am only 17 weeks preggo myself, but I am so excited for everyone else who gets to see their bundle of joy before the new year. You're going to have one heck of a Thanksgiving! Best of luck until the end. :)

  5. @Rubee thank you! It's honestly such a struggle to get up and about at 39+ weeks but you somehow manage it! It has been super stressful but we are so happy!
    Good luck to you too and thank you as always for your comment x

  6. @Kerry Hehe thank you we can't wait either! X

  7. @Kat R he better not stay in there 11 days longer lol! Thank you we are so pleased to be in our house too :-) xx

  8. @Danitchi Ahh your comment is so lovely thank you! It's great to hear I have such a dedicated reader!! We were in fact very relived he didn't come whilst our house was a building site.. It would have been chaos!
    I will if course tweet when I go into labour!
    Congratulations on your pregnancy, keep me posted on how it's going and thanks again for the sweet comment xx

  9. It’s cool to see you getting close. I’m on 7 week and already so excited. A week ago I tried for baby gender prediction. It gives me a boy. We’ll see if it truth.


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