Friday, 19 July 2013

My Bumps 1st Festival

This weekend Mr H and I took our bump to his first festival!!  Yes, some may say we are crazy but it was fine and we had a blast at Wireless!!
I, in fact, felt better than the rest of our crowd as I drank so much water and ate so much food that I was nice and cool and full of energy!  The others were a bit worse for wear halfway through the day due to copious amounts of cider and too much head banging!

Sporting the Baby on Board badge!

I absolutely loved Tinie Tempah's and Jay Z's performances, not to mention a cheeky little special appearance from Justin Timberlake to round of the night!  Our inner hip hopper's came out and we danced the night away!  Harry was kicking along to the music so I think he was pretty happy in there listening to it all!

Me and Andrea

People were so considerate over me as well.. By now it is pretty obvious I am carrying a baby and I also wore my "Baby on Board" badge all day, and I found people did move out of my way when they noticed and I didn't once feel in danger of being crushed or pushed over

Wireless 2013

The only downside to this years Wireless Festival was the venue.  The Olympic Park was basically a building site!  The place was covered in gravel and dust and the only saving grace was the huge piece of astro turf covering the main stage area.  Not only was it a bit of a dump but the walk from the station to the site was a good few miles which is ridiculous for hundreds of thousands of people to do in the heat we have been having!  The festival was also far too spread out, with the main stage being another 2 mile walk from the rest of the smaller tents so we actually had to miss a couple of acts due to the distance between the two.  Not fun.

Mr H, his nephew and I

Due to this walk, getting home was a bit of a nightmare!  I literally couldn't get on the tube there was far to many people, i would have put my little bumps life in danger as there was no chance of anyone noticing my "Baby on Board" badge.  We ended up having to wait a good hour until the crowd had died down which resulted in us getting the last train home and me waddling in at 3am!  Wild pregnant bird!

Mr H and I!

Despite the tiredness I felt yesterday and today, it was all well worth it and I am really glad I went and didn't miss out on a great day out!!  I hope if anyone reading this is pregnant and in doubt about going along to an event, that they feel a bit better about going after reading this.  Just remember to keep well hydrated, eat plenty, take rests when you need it and let people around you know all about your bump and you will be fine!


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