Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Harry's Weaning Journey: The Beaba BabyCook

Weaning Harry has been so much fun and pretty entertaining and it's also been made a whole lot easier by a fabulous machine called the Beaba BabyCook! It steams and purees your desired ingredients to perfection whilst locking in all those yummy nutrients!
I find it a dream to use and I don't dread cooking up Harry's menu as there's barely any prep work or washing up involved! You simply chop up your fruit or veg and pop it in the steamer basket with the recommended amount of water (it comes with a guide). Feel free to then put your feet up with a cuppa for 10 mins - or in reality attempt to do some household chores whilst tending to a grizzly baby - then once steamed you just whizz them in the blender with a little of the cooking water, and voila you have made your very first purée!

Little H is still having formula alongside his food although he has cut down how much he will take, usually around 5oz, and he has 4 bottles a day.
He thoroughly enjoys his fruity porridge breakfast or some bubba cereal and at the moment which I give to him straight after his morning milk (around 7.30am).  I'm thinking of starting to give it to him a bit later though to break up the morning a bit more and keep him fuller longer - I'm not sure?!

Lunchtime for our little chubs is around 1.45pm - 2pm after he has woken from his afternoon nap. He will have some sort of veggie purée, some days followed by a fruit one or a piece of fruit in his feeder net! 

The next meal Harry will have is at around 5.30pm where he will have another veg purée, which he will usually gobble down without a fuss with a few gulps of water from a bottle! He then gets a good old chew and suck on his feeder bet again with a yummy fruity treat in it - 9 times out of 10 he will cry when he finishes it!! He loves the fruit! I have tried to get him into rusks but he's totally not bothered by them and just chucks it on the floor!

Harry has tried all of the below healthy treats so far:

Fruity porridge
Sweet potato
Butternut squash

His favourite is definitely the fruits, especially strawberry and apple, but he's also partial to a bit of parsnip and broccoli mixed with sweet potato!
The only thing that he has refused to swallow is plain carrot - but who can blame him they are kind of bland! Banana also didn't seem to agree with his tummy first time round and gave him a bit of constipation which was surprising as they are good for the digestive system, however he's fine with it now!

As the H monster turns 6 months in just a few weeks time we will be moving onto meats and slightly more textured purees! Eeeek! It seems like he is growing up so so quickly.. He'll be wolfing down steak and chips before we know it!

Have you started weaning your little one?? I would love to know what times you give them their meals!


  1. I'm starting to wean Baby L, but currently just give him a bit of baby rice just to get him used to the new texture. I'm nervous about knowing how much food/water/milk he'll need when I move onto purees. Did you follow a guide or a book or anything?

    1. Hey Hun! Do you know what I mainly go with my instinct with regards to if Harry is getting enough milk etc and to be honest I don't have a clue how much he is "supposed" to have milk or food wise! I discussed it with a health visitor and they said as long as he is maintaining and gaining weight then it's all guess work :-)
      I do follow the Annabel Karmel Weaning guide loosely it's an amazing book

  2. That babycook looks so helpful for Mums and Dads who are just starting out weaning their children. Wish I'd had one! x

  3. My son just turned 4 months old so I've started reading up on solid foods and purees. I'll definitely check out the Baby Cook! :)

  4. Hello Lucie, just wondering if you could give a little advice. I noticed your little lad doesn't like the puréed carrot. I've started weaning and my son gags at it but seems ok with other things I've tried (which isn't much as of yet). Just wanted to know how many times you tried him on it before you gave up with that. Thank you :-)


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