Wednesday, 23 October 2013

36 Week Update

 How far along? 36 weeks and 4 days. Whoopsie I am posting this super late because I actually thought I had already posted it! Baby brain.

Total weight gain:  My bump grew a whopping 2cm in a week and a bit and is back on track so that's good! Harry feels bigger and doesn't have much more room in there and my butt and legs feels grose and wobbly and fat! Bring on the post partum diet

Maternity clothes?  Nothing new. In fact I bought a shirt this week in a size 8 for after I have had Harry! It's really loose though and I can actually wear it with the bump!

Stretch marks? Still none and still using good old Palmers Original Formula Cocoa Butter and Mama Mio Boob Tube  (review here)

Sleep:  Sleep is back to being non existent! I am waking up every hour for a pee or to move posistion!
The preggo exhaustion is well and truly back and I find myself just wanting/needing to lie down pretty much all the time!! 

Best moment this week: We have almost finished Harry's nursery which is so exciting! His clothes are washed, ironed and put away and his shelves are in place, just a few finishing touches to be added and I will be able to post all about it!

Worst moment this week:  Mr H went away for a few days to Portugal with work and I HATED it! I was left in charge if the new house and organising who was doing what and when, and it tired me out so much I couldn't wait for him to get back and resume his project manager role!

Miss anything?  I missed my other half this week!!

Movement: Halfway through this week I suddenly felt a real pushing feeling down below and in my pelvis which got worse over a couple of days.. It was shortly followed by sharp stabbing pains and the feeling that Harry was going to somehow fall out!! This my friends is your baby engaging in your pelvic region and boy does it hurt!! This means that when our little wriggler is moving about in there it is generally quite painful as his head seems to move at the same time! Ouch! I had a midwife appointment and she announced that his head was almost fully engaged and she very quickly decided that he was going to be an early baby and she would expect him shortly after 37 weeks!!? Now I know no one knows for sure but this totally freaked me out.. I am completely unprepared as we are still yet to actually move into our home and my sister who is going to be there with us when Harry is born is going on holiday until just a week before my due date - eek. Hang on in there little one!

Food cravings:  I wouldn't say I've had any cravings this week apart from hot chocolate!!! 

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope

Gender: Boy :-) 

Labour signs: None but as above he is getting himself ready!

Symptoms:  The rib pain is insane which I think is odd as he has dropped so much! I find myself waking up in agony during the night because I have slept on one side too long!
I've had a lot of period type cramps in my lower tummy and around my pelvis which seems particularly bad at night, again this is likely to be due to the pressure in that area..
Heartburn is horrendous! I can't stop eating things that aggrevate it though! I love spicy food, rich sauces, chocolate and orange juice!!! There isn't much I find that doesn't give me heartburn at the moment so I have been downing Gaviscon like there's no tomorrow!
I still need a wee every 5 mins, totally annoying! 
Again this week I have felt a few twinges from my sciatic nerve but it hasn't  gotten any worse than that and must just be the pressure of it all!

Belly button in or out?  Outie!

Happy or moody most of the time? I would say pretty happy but a little stressed!

Looking forward to: Moving into our house and being able to finally relax - hopefully before the little bean arrives.. I can but dream!!




  1. So exciting!!! Albie and I can't wait to meet little Harry. Sorry to say the exhaustion will only get worse once he is here :-) xxx

  2. Early sounds good right - eeekkkkkk :D x

  3. you look amazing!!! you carry it so well honestly! very excited for the imminent arrival of little Harry :) xxx

  4. Eeeek I know I am bracing myself for exhaustion overload SJ! Harry + Albie = Trouble ;-) xx

  5. Haha Jack I think I would prefer to have him on time at this stage but it is exciting!! x

  6. Thank you Hannah you are a super hot mama yourself!!!!!!! xx

  7. Yayy cant wait to meet the little Mr! He is going to be gorgeous, you look lovely too by the way!! That bump really suits you!! Can't wait to see the nursery!! xxx

  8. You look ready to pop! Good job you didn't stay longer at work! Simon

  9. Aww thank you Krissy we can't wait to meet him either!!!! X

  10. So true Simon.. I feel ready to pop!!! X

  11. I had major heartburn from about 24 weeks, nothing helped at all, so I went to the GP and he prescribed Omeprazole- genuine wonder drug :) It reduces the amount of acid you produce so there's less to come back up, I haven't touched a Rennie in weeks! Might be worth a try? Also just realised we have the same due date, I am with you on the rib and engaging pain!xx


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