Monday, 2 June 2014

Saviour Snack Box*

There is rarely time in a busy mums day to prepare a healthy, balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner let alone nutritious snacks as well. I am definitely guilty of reaching for a sneaky packet of Walkers or a few cubes of choccie to curb my hunger pangs whilst seeing to my attention craving 6 month old! We all know that carb heavy sugary snacks do nothing for our energy levels in the long run and result in unwanted love handles and a sluggish feeling only minutes later!

I was delighted when I received this mega box of healthy treats through my front door from Saviour Snacks! What a fabulous idea for mums who like me who have limited time to take care of themselves when it comes to food!

As you can see my box was full to the brim with delicious and varied nibbles! My fave scrumptious snack was the Primal Bar a paleo option which surprised me as it looked the least appetising.. It had a nutty almost chocolatey taste that instantly took away my craving for a chunk of Cadburys! I also loved the almonds, the spicy popcorn and the olives!

Saviour Snacks have thought of everything.. They have a range of options tailored to suit your dietery needs, including a skinny box for those looking to slim down, a dairy free box, gluten free box and a super box which is big enough to feed your whole family!

Not only are the Saviour snack boxes perfect for a mum, like me, but they are great for all the family especially those who are constantly visiting the "junk cupboard" for their next fix! The boxes cost £15 a week which I know is a lot more than boxes such a Graze, however they are jam packed full of all the snacks you would need for the week unlike Graze boxes which let's face it you could easily consume in just one day!

What's your favourite healthy snack??


  1. What a fantastic idea...
    Oh yes....I've been there and ate a Graze box in a These look like they'd last much longer :)

  2. What a great idea, much better than a Graze box!

    1. The products included are just such better quality and of course you get so much more! X

  3. What a great idea, when busy it is very easy to reach for quick food often that is naughty. But with this around the house and at work the healthy eating could be saved Lucy

    1. Totally!! I am mega guilty of reaching for a packet of crisps or a biscuit to keep me going! Now I don't have to :-)

  4. This looks fantastic! I'm not a mummy but I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome which means it's very difficult for me to manage to prepare healthy snacks but I need to eat reasonably regularly to keep my energy up as much as possible. This looks absolutely ideal for me and I'm so glad I read your blog and came across it :)
    Faye |


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