Thursday, 10 April 2014

Harry's Overnight Bag - by Pink Lining*

Prince Harry often goes for sleepovers at his Auntie's or his Nanna's house and it quite quickly became apparent that he needed to cart around a lot of stuff!! I'd turn up at their front doors with a huge bag - a jumble of mine and Harry's bits and pieces - or a really inappropriate rucksack overstuffed with nappies and probably definitely far too many changes of clothing!
So when i received this GORGEOUS overnight bag from Pink Lining I was absolutely over the moon and knew immediately how handy Harry having his own bag would be!

Firstly the print is stunning. Knights and dragons - how cool???!! The material is great quality and is waterproof (babyproof) so you could even use this as a swim bag if you wanted to.
As Harry gets older I know he is just going to love this bag so much and I can see him now packing all his favourite toys and musy's inside!

It's the perfect size for all of his things, I can fit everything he needs for an overnight stay in there, with plenty of room for extras such a toys, a blanket and lotions and potions. It's also not stupidly oversized as us women all know that when were given a large bag we will do our best to fill it!!

For me Pink Lining is second to none  when it comes to fantastic quality bags for children and I think we are going to need the entire Knights and Dragons set to match! They offer a whole range of designs of this overnight bag for girls and for boys, as well as lots of other items to match!

Does your little one have their own overnight bag? Do you always pack far too much?!


  1. Cutesy! spacious compartment

  2. I love your posts I am 18 weeks pregnant tomorrow and its good to see how other people got on at the same stage as me x

  3. I love this bag, so cute! I'm going to have to invest in one for my son! I've just stumbled upon your blog - it's so lovely!


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