Monday, 28 April 2014

Harry at 5 Months

My, my how fast is our little boy growing up!? This month we have seen the biggest changes in Harry so far!  He's really happy, giggly and hes ridiculously strong, and I honestly love him a little bit more every day!

Weight: Its been a busy month so I haven't had him weighed for a while but hes definitely still a little chunk!

Daily: This last couple of weeks i've been working on trying to get Harry to take a longer afternoon nap as I found the 45 minutes he was getting just wasn't enough for him, and he was clearly still tired and grumpy once he woke.  I realised he did want to sleep longer but struggled to get himself back to sleep so its still a work in progress but I do manage to put him down around 12 and get him to nap until 1.45pm, he then wakes up a much happier chap and is ready to play!
We had a little holiday at my mums caravan this month so we did lots of walking, playing with his cousins and swimming - which he loved!!  Harry is 100% a water baby and it seems to really calm him and he usually falls asleep in the pool!  Swimming is something I want to get into a lot more with him, especially now we're coming into Summer

Bedtime: I can't complain in the slightest about our little star when it comes to night time!  After a splash in the bath and a warm bottle he is ready to go down in his cot around 7.15pm and gets himself off to sleep by half 7.  We then don't usually hear from him until half 6 - 7am!!  Occasionally he will wake in the night for his dummy or just a random little cry but that's totally bearable for us after weeks of broken sleep! I know babies change their sleeping habits as quickly as the British weather but for now he's a lil' angel!

Eating: I will be posting an update on Harry's current stage of weaning.. its been SO much fun!  He really isn't all that fussed by milk anymore - apart from that all important first bottle of the day!!  He's really into his morning porridge and loving a fruit or veg puree for tea, in fact he cries for more once its all gone!
He still has 4 bottles a day of 7oz at approx 7am, 11am, 3pm and then again at 7pm but we do struggle to get him to take the whole lot, hes quite happy to have about 6oz at a time

Clothing: H is well and truly into his 3-6 month clothes and I had to go on a bit of a shopping spree this month to update his summer wardrobe - he didn't seem to have much that fitted!  I got tons of baby leggings and some really cute tees!  My fave shops right now for baby boys are Gap and Jo Jo Maman Bebe but my bank account doesn't approve so much..


  • This is so ridiculous but Harry can stand up! His legs are so solid he can stand for absolutely ages just holding onto your hands or the sofa
  • Hes just started sitting unaided for a minute or so at a time 
  • Little H is proper chatty and giggles at pretty much everything!
  • He now opens his mouth and makes a noise when he wants more food, those of you who have weaned your babies will know this is a big step as for a while the little ones don't seem to really know they need to open their traps in order for us to get the food in!!

Hearing: Its been a good month in terms of hearing aids for Harry.  The ones we have been using seem to fit his ears really well and don't give horrendous feedback.  Mr H has also learnt how to thread the moulds himself so we don't need to visit the hospital as much for fittings! The only down side is every morning he has an absolute fit over me putting them in his ears, poor baby :-(
We really do think he seems to respond to sound, especially when we have little chats with him.. however we just don't know which is the hardest thing!

I would love to hear about what your 5 month old is up to?!


  1. Oh wow he's got such strong leggies! My lg Indiana turned 5 months on Saturday and is similar if we hold her hands, she just doesn't wanna sit down haha. How's he doing with rolling? Xx

  2. Wow he is strong on his legs. He is gorgeous and growing really quickly from the photos you put on your blog and instagram. x

  3. Love the photo in front of the mirror x - Simon L

  4. He's so cute, lovely photos :) x

  5. Wow! What a sweetie? My son is 3 months old and also a chunk! Just discovered your blog, going to be a regular visitor :) xx

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