Tuesday, 18 February 2014

miamoo Travel Set

Harry's all about perfect skin and he absolutely loves being pampered and preened! So when I was given the opportunity to try out some miamoo baby products I jumped at the chance!

Little H has been very lucky in terms of his skin so far and hasn't suffered from any dryness, rashes or baby acne so I love that miamoo's products are jam packed with natural ingredients and free of nasty parabens and synthetic colours and fragrances.

I received the Travel Pack which contains splasy wash, fresh locks, baba oil, huggy lotion, spritz and wipe, cheeky cream and a wash cloth. All those delicious products are all contained in a clear zippy bag - perfect for on the go!

Splashy wash is a 2 in 1 bath product that can be used on the face and the body. It smells of citrus and feels really gentle yet cleansing on Harry's little bod!

We use fresh locks shampoo on Haribo's tiny mop of hair! It smells of lavender which is actually my least favourite scent but for some reason I really like how it smells on Harry! The lavender also helps to relax and soothe baby to promote a good nights sleep!

After bath time we spritz a little baba oil all over little H's body.. Not something he enjoys unfortunately! It contains sweet almond and lavender oils which nourish the skin and are perfect for a bedtime baby massage! I am determined to make Harry enjoy this ritual!!!!

I tend to use huggy lotion on Harry's skin in the mornings before we get him dressed for the day. It sinks into his skin almost immediately leaving it ready for me to put his clothes on quickly before he gets too chilly! It also smells really good!!

The spritz and wipe spray is a fantastic little product which I use to freshen up Harry's bits between nappy changes! It's full of really nourishing ingredients which really help to cleanse baby's skin

Last but by no means least is the cheeky cream which is my favourite product in the whole set! In fact it may be my favourite product that Harry owns! Again it is a multifunctional product, a barrier cream that can be used on face, hands and bottoms!! I mainly use it on Harry's cheeks as they tend to get a little dry from central heating, wind and the everyday elements that life throws at him. The cream works wonders and really soothes his face instantly!

You can get your hands on a miamoo travel set for £15 directly from their website but because they are lovely people they are offering my readers 10% off - just use the code Blog13 at the checkout!


  1. Thank you so much for following me on instagram. I am so pleased I found your blog love teading mummy blogs and our little boys are so close in age :-) look forward to reading more.
    jen xxx

  2. My mum bought Oscar these when I was pregnant and we've had a constant supply since he was born! They're really lovely and gentle on baby's skin and I doubt we'll use anything else! Oscar hated the moisturising/oil routine until he was about 6 months and now he seems quite happy to have it applied haha, determination wins! xx

    Kat from Blushing Rose Beauty | Tiny Flutters - Mummy & Baby


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